The 12 Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

You can save money by rolling your own cigarettes. You could get cigarettes ready for close to a dollar per pack depending on the materials you use. You can get tobacco ready while setting up a distinct tube on a cigarette rolling machine, plus you’ll always add the right amount of tobacco every time. You must look at how well cigarette rolling machines can work for your needs.


Top 3 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines in 2023


Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Powermatic III Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

Shargio Poweroll Electric Cigarette Injector Machine






‎10 x 7.44 x 4.49 inches


10.2 x 6 x 5.6 inches

Item Weight

1 Pounds


‎7 pounds


‎4 Piece Set

King size

‎1 Count (Pack of 1)

Best Cigarette Rolling Machines Reviews

1. Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine – Stays Functional All-Around

Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

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The first choice to see is this electric model from Powermatic. The electric rolling machine will roll cigarette inking and 100 sizes. The tobacco loading mechanism provides a convenient approach to loading that works in moments.

The feeding shaft makes it easy for you to load cigarettes. The shaft moves to its original position if a jam is detected. The probe included will help you with removing the excess tobacco. The design allows you to clear out tobacco as necessary, not to mention the unit will not overheat or otherwise be hard to maintain.

You can apply tobacco materials to the spoon on the side. You can also get the filling tubes for your tobacco loaded in a separate slot. The roller will produce the cigarettes based on the tobacco you apply and how large the cigarette tube is. The design ensures the roller will fill a cigarette all the way, regardless of which size you choose to utilize. It grabs the top position when looking for the best electric cigarette rolling machine.


  • Do not scatter cigarette ash all around
  • All the tobacco is packed tightly for a full body
  • Easy to detect jams when they occur


  • You have to distribute the tobacco as evenly as possible
  • Can be easy to add excess force

2. Powermatic III Plus Electric Cigarette Machine – Small Portable Premium Device

Powermatic III Plus Electric Cigarette Machine

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Powermatic III + is another evolution in the Powermatic series. This machine has everything you love about the Powermatic series and adds the convenience of automation. The machine has a large tank that contains tobacco, which can produce about 30 cigarettes. The service is very simple, just pour the tobacco into the basket, put the thimble on the end of the nozzle, and press the START button. An internal computer controls the charging process, which guarantees a good cigarette.


  • Do not scatter cigarette ash all around
  • All the tobacco is packed tightly for a full body
  • Easy to detect jams when they occur


  • Takes a lot of time to pack tobacco for the next injection
  • A Little Heavier

3. Shargio Poweroll Electric Cigarette Injector Machine – Simplifies the Process

Shargio Poweroll Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

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You don’t have to worry about anything being overly complicated or tough when you use this Poweroll electric machine. The machine produces king cigarettes with a compact machine that weighs about two pounds.

The roller evenly distributes tobacco along with your king’s cigarette. The port for the cigarette tube is wide enough to take in the compound but good enough to keep the cigarette from sticking out too much.

The assortment of cleaning tools on this model makes for something useful. You can use the brush to clean off tobacco, plus a probe that goes through the chamber to remove some of the deepest bits of tobacco on the inside. The design allows the tobacco to be cleared out without harming anything.

The machine even comes with an instructional DVD. The disc will show you everything surrounding how you can use this machine for your rolling needs. You’ll find that it is easy for you to clear out what you have inside the model.


  • The hopper attachment loads evenly
  • The cleaning tools are easy to apply and use
  • The cigarette tube will not bend or wear while in the hopper


  • Does not work for 100’s cigarettes
  • You have to ensure the tobacco is cut enough first

4. Hawk-Matic Personal Use Electric Cigarette 

Hawk-Matic Personal Use Electric Cigarette

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A good electric roller is not always expensive and we have collected rolling machines from completely different price categories.

Hawk-Matic gives you premium look and comes with 2 years of warranty or 20,000 times whatever comes first. Its distinctive feature is electronic protection against the jamming of tobacco in the chamber so that the tobacco is not strongly compressed. The machine itself is strong and durable thanks to quality materials. The kit includes special brushes, a brush, and a cleaning rod for cleaning the machine. It must be cleaned regularly, otherwise, a blockage can lead to breakage.


  • The hopper attachment loads evenly
  • The cleaning tools are easy to apply and use
  • The cigarette tube will not bend or wear while in the hopper


  • Does not work for 100’s cigarettes
  • You have to ensure the tobacco is cut enough first

5. Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine – A Simple Manual Choice

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine

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The next few options for a cigarette maker are manual choices. The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Machine features a convenient body that works for king and 100’s cigarettes. The lever-action feature lets you manually inject the tobacco into the tube.

The simple design features a small opening for tobacco. The design lets you add the tobacco in moments and ensures you’ll keep your tobacco ready for use in little time. The stainless steel chamber also provides a smooth surface for the tobacco to move through, thus preventing difficulties surrounding how well the machine works.

A handle appears on the top part for simple control. The design helps you keep the unit in place, thus ensuring your cutting works effectively and without worry.

A chamber reducer is also included for when you need to pack in the tobacco. The reducer features a lever that lets you close off a part of the chamber depending on how well you need to use it. The general layout provides a better body for use and works in a matter of moments.


  • Works with all tobacco types
  • The blade cuts everything evenly
  • Easy to clean out


  • The base can slip
  • The handle is small

6. Gambler Red Cigarette Machine – A Traditional Choice

Gambler Red Cigarette Machine

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Simplicity is always useful when finding a cigarette roller. The Gambler Red Cigarette Machine provides a useful option for those looking for cigarettes they can produce in moments. The device is small enough to go wherever you want, but it is still easy to grip and control.

The Gambler product comes in a circular shape. You would insert the king cigarette roll into one end, and then apply the tobacco to another. A small screw lets you twist a metal blade on the inside. The teeth on the blade will cut the tobacco and produce a clean body. You can then push the tobacco into the tube to fill everything and produce the cigarette you want.

The simple design of the cigarette machine gives you the power to produce cigarettes without spending lots of time making it work. The clear look on the middle part also lets you know how well the tobacco is being loaded up inside the machine, so you know what you’re going to find in your work.


  • Small and compact to carry anywhere
  • The mechanism is simple
  • The tubing area provides enough room for your work


  • Can be hurt by thicker tobacco leaves
  • Difficult to clean out

7. New Spark Cigarette Rolling Machine – A Helpful Compact Unit

New Spark Cigarette Rolling Machine

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Not all cigarette rolling machines have to be massive. You can use a compact model that can produce more cigarettes from anywhere. This New Spark electric model provides a simple compact body that can produce a full pack of cigarettes in about ten minutes.

A smart latch design is included on the roller. The latch keeps cigarettes in the injector and will prevent them from falling off, thus ensuring you’ll get your cigarettes rolled sooner without having to waste lots of time.

A steel screw mechanism is included to help with packing the tobacco. The unit will pack the tobacco tight, plus it will not leave lots of debris all over. The smooth steel body cuts through even the toughest cigarette tube to allow tobacco to get in there well enough.

A brush is included with this unit. The brush makes it easy for the user to clean off the materials on the inside. The screw design on the inside provides a simple body for filling the cigarette to produce a convenient layout.


  • Compact body
  • You only need to plug the rolling machine into a simple wall outlet
  • Simple cleaning


  • Only handles one cigarette at a time
  • May not read thicker cigarettes

8. LCFUN Electric Rolling Machine with Automatic Roller – Makes Your Cigarettes Fast

LCFUN Electric Rolling Machine with Automatic Roller

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The process for using this LCFUN automatic roller works in moments. You can add tobacco to the chamber and then move it into the roller. The steel injection tube will take in the tobacco and automatically fill it into the cigarette tube you apply. The model works for king cigarettes and uses a steel material for cutting to produce a better enclosure for the cigarette.

The hopper funnel attachment provides a better approach for adding tobacco. The unit will move the tobacco directly in the chamber, thus preventing spillage or other concerns. The removable tray also takes in excess tobacco and moves it out for cleaning purposes. The design is easy to clean out, as you can brush the excess tobacco out of the unit as necessary.

The transparent resin material that the machine is made of is noteworthy. The nontoxic body will not shed anything off in the tobacco, thus ensuring each cigarette you roll has the purest possible flavor.


  • The handle provides a simple body for use
  • Easy to evenly fit the cigarette tube inside the unit
  • Does not jam easily


  • If it does jam, it takes a bit for the unit to start again
  • The base can slip

9. Gerui Electric Cigarette Tobacco Automatic Roller Maker – Works With Many Tightness Levels

Gerui Electric Cigarette Tobacco Automatic Roller Maker

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Depending on the tobacco you use, you might have to pack the tobacco in there a little tighter. This Gerui tobacco roller lets you adjust the tightness level through a small lever on the inside. The design lets you control how tight or loose your tobacco is, thus giving you extra control over your experience with your cigarette.

The tobacco hopper feature on the top part provides enough room for all your tobacco. The compartment for the cigarette tube provides room for your smoke needs. A stir bar is also included to help you with moving the tobacco through and ensuring it stays comfortable all the way through.

The stainless steel body produces a smooth surface all around. The layout allows the tobacco to move through and enter the cigarette in moments. This produces a helpful design that works in moments and provides a comfortable body all around.

The compact body of the roller also ensures you can use this in moments and without delay. The convenient layout of the roller is important to note based on how effective and simple the unit is.


  • Works with all tobacco forms
  • Easy to adjust
  • Does not require much power for operation


  • Can become jammed if you fill it too fast
  • May not work with all sizes

10. Vanell 8mm Tube Rolling Maker – Powerful Cutting

Vanell 8mm Tube Rolling Maker

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The cutting mechanism in a rolling machine can make a difference when dividing up the tobacco well enough. This Vanell automatic cutting and the rolling machine will help with cutting the tobacco you add well. The titanium blade on the inside grinds the tobacco evenly and produces a strong body that can pack well. The automatic roller will take in that tobacco and keep it intact.

The motor will move the tobacco into the loading tube, thus adding it to the cigarette. You can also let the machine compress your tobacco more than once if you prefer. The option is ideal for when you want to produce a firmer cigarette. You have the option to produce whatever format fits your needs.

An electronic jam protection feature is included. The feeding shaft moves to its original position if a jam occurs. You can use the brush or probe with the kit to remove the excess tobacco. The layout protects the roller and keeps clogs from being a problem, thus giving you more time to make cigarettes.


  • The cleaning brush is easy to apply
  • The steel tube for the cigarette allows it to enter cleanly
  • The hopper has enough room for a full pack


  • You can only handle one cigarette at a time
  • Does not support 100’s

11. GHRMB Manual Cigarette Tobacco Injector – For Rolling On the Go

GHRMB Manual Cigarette Tobacco Injector

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Sometimes you need a simple tobacco roller that you can transport with you anywhere. This GHRMB manual roller is a perfect item that doesn’t require any power. You can carry it with you in your pocket if you desire. The compact design gives you the ability to prepare cigarettes.

The basic mechanism of this tobacco roller features a pressure smoke ruler on the side. The ruler lets you measure the tobacco you are adding, thus ensuring you have the right fit every time you use it. The easy-grip body also lets you adjust whether you want a loose or tight fit on your tobacco as you pack everything. The firm body on the tobacco injector gives you extra control over how well you will prepare your material and how it can stay in where you are.

You only need to take a few moments to get your tobacco ready with this unit. There is no need to fiddle with any mechanical items or other complicated things when you use this for your work needs.


  • Light in weight
  • Works well for various tobacco items
  • Cuts the tobacco evenly


  • The plastic body may be fragile
  • Tough to clean out

12. Vanvler Triple Best Cigarette Rolling Machine – Works For More Cigarettes

Vanvler Triple Best Cigarette Rolling Machine

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The last of the best cigarette roller products to find is this Vanvler model that can handle three cigarettes at a time. The design is laid out to where you would open the top part, add the cigarette tubes, and then apply the crushed tobacco inside each compartment.

After you fill everything up, you will slide the material back and forth to help you with packing the tobacco in there. You can get the materials closed up after a bit. The helpful design lets you pack your cigarettes in moments. The best part is that you’ll always know what you will be adding to your cigarettes thanks to this product.

You can clean out the tobacco from the unit moments after you finish using it. The plastic design has a smooth body, so you won’t have anything getting stuck on the inside after you are finished using it.


  • The design does not lock up while in use
  • Easy to fit the cigarette tubes into the machine
  • You can sort the tobacco in each slot as necessary


  • Does not come with anything that lets you cut the tobacco
  • It May does not work well with some longer cigarette tubes

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cigarette Machine

There are many points to note when finding a cigarette machine:

1. The mechanism

Be sure you see how well the mechanism on the cigarette machine works. The mechanism should be simple, but you need to look at how well the machine can fill your cigarette.

2. The cleaning effort

Look at how well you can clean out your cigarette machine. A stir bar or brush may be included to help you with removing the excess tobacco.

3. Cigarettes supported

King cigarettes are supported by most cigarette machines. Some models can handle 100’s cigarettes, but you’d have to look at what you are getting out of your model.

How Does a Cigarette Machine Work?

A cigarette roller machine will simplify the process of rolling your own cigarettes. The process of using such a machine is easy to note:

1. Add tobacco material to a chamber on the machine.

2. Insert a cigarette tube into the appropriate compartment. The tube options that your roller can handle will vary by model.

3. Review how the tobacco is laid out on the inside. Make sure the tobacco is spread out as evenly as possible.

4. Turn on the machine to have the unit fill the cigarette tube. The machine should secure the cigarette.

5. For a manual model, you would have to slide a lever back and forth to help you pack the cigarette with the appropriate material.

What Makes a Cigarette Machine Different From a Traditional Roller?

A modern cigarette machine provides an easy approach to making cigarettes. A traditional roller requires you to use rolling papers, not to mention it takes a while to make cigarettes. It might be difficult for you to measure the precise amount of tobacco in your cigarettes when using one of these models.

A cigarette rolling machine is different in that the model simplifies the process of making these items. You can also have an easier time making cigarettes because you won’t lose track of what you’re adding.

The Three Types of Cigarette Rolling Machines

You’ll come across three rolling machine options when finding something of value:

1. Electric

An electric model takes in tobacco and will inject the tobacco into the cigarette tube you use. The design identifies the size of the tube, and then applies the correct amount of tobacco.

2. Automatic

An automatic unit can work with many tubes and will insert tobacco into each tube. The layout provides a quick approach to work. You can add tobacco into a reservoir and then use a crank to move the tobacco into the roller, where it automatically gets filled and closed up.

3. Manual

You’ll have to put in more work with a manual machine. You will manually slide a lever to close up the cigarette. The work ensures you’ll get your cigarette ready soon.

How Big Are the Cigarettes?

You can produce king or 100’s size cigarettes with a cigarette machine. The king-size is 84mm in length, while the 100’s size is 100mm.

A Consideration For Filling Your Roller

Regardless of what type of roller you use, you’ll have to look at how well you’re going to get it all filled. You should ensure your tobacco is slightly moist when using a roller. The tobacco should have a humidity rating of about 15 to 30 percent when being used. A humidity detector can help you identify what is inside your tobacco. Be sure you avoid adding stems in your roller, as stems are hard to process and may become backed up. The stems may not burn as easily as the other parts of the tobacco leaf.

Editor’s Pick

The best cigarette rolling machine for your use is the Powermatic II Electric Cigarette Injector Machine. The machine provides a better approach for filling your cigarettes, plus it can support both king and 100’s sizes. The machine is easy to clean out, plus the mechanism used is simple. You will not have to worry about the unit filling up too fast or otherwise wearing out prematurely. The setup adds a convenient look while also being easy to set up. You will enjoy how well this model works when you’re looking for a convenient cigarette rolling machine.


The best cigarette roller for your use should be something that is simple and allows for a convenient design. You will have to look at how well your roller works and that you have a model that is easy to use. You’ll find that you can get your own cigarettes ready, not to mention you’ll save more than enough money when you consider how much it costs to roll your own cigarettes.

The simplicity of today’s rollers makes for a point worth noting. You don’t have to be an expert to get one of these rollers ready for your use. You’ll get your roller ready for your smoke needs in moments.