13 Best Sublimation Printers – A Complete Guide

We have had to deal with traditional printers that offer less productivity due to poor performance and quality in the past. But recent technologies have pruned out a new age – modern sublimation printers which offer more for less.

However, as various models are roaming around the internet, it becomes necessary to pinpoint the best model that is worth your investment.

This is because you’ll always have a long list of options to choose from when you want to buy a sublimation printer in a shop or online.

In this light, we’re providing an in-depth review of the best sublimation printers that are worth investing in if you’re looking to upscale your business to a whole new level. Alright friends, let’s get started!


Top 3 Sublimation Printer Models In The List


Epson Workforce WF-7710

Epson Stylus C88+

Brother MFC-J995DW





Printing Technology




Connectivity Technology

Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Wi-Fi direct, Ethernet


Wireless, USB, Ethernet

Special Feature


Color, Photo


Compatible Devices

Laptops, PC


Smartphones, PC, Laptops

A Closer Look At the Best Sublimation Printers For Your Work

1. Epson Workforce WF-7710Best Overall

Epson Workforce WF-7710

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The perfect body of the Epson workforce printer makes it suitable for work. You get to manufacture prints not having a border, making up to 13×19 inches in size. Before this can work, you would need to use an intermediary fabric if there is a need to transfer a printed art to cotton material. It has a 250- sheet tray, which means more paper can get into your printer for larger tasks.

The intermediary fabric could be in any form you want, as the Epson printer isn’t selective of materials. 

Connectivity is possible through Wi-Fi direct and Internet functions. Simultaneously, the device communication protocol connections supported are also beneficial when you want to link your printers with other devices to print things off.

What’s more? Epson is an automatic two-sided printer that implores a scanner to read documents within seconds, making it a time-saver if you have many tasks at hand.

You’ll never have to waste paper with this model, tagging with the fact that the scanner features cover surfaces within 11x 17 inches.

Epson workforce is one of the highly vetted models that feature connectivity and Wi-Fi direct support. Unlike a traditional printer, this model has an NFC connection, allowing external links to the printer.


  • This design consumes less power than other similar models can consume.
  • It isn’t selective in printing fabric materials.


  • It uses up a lot of ink while at certain wide-format projects.
  • The cartridges are difficult to align.

Bottom Line

It is a reliable model because of its low rate of power consumption. It is known for creating top-quality prints, and it is your best choice when in need of a printer that accommodates several intermediary fabrics.

2. Epson Stylus C88+ – Best For Small Business

Epson Stylus C88+

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You can use this Epson model when you have smaller work to do. It is designed basically for home use. It has a minimum body capable of providing high-resolution prints with its greatest resolution at 5760×1440 dots per inch.

USB and parallel ports are included for every connection. You do not need any technical installation process to set up the printer. There is also an easy-to-follow process for downloading and setting up new drives for the printer. Epson Stylus makes your design a stunning view when you need to get your printing work done in no time. It comes with a photo editing software package for your convenience and ease of use.

Epson Stylus features a photo editing software program that photo editors will find quite helpful at their disposal. You’ll be able to determine your performance in the long run because the software program provides an edge as you carry out your printings. 


  • The model can work with varying kinds of paper material; it is not exclusive to one.
  • This printer is suitable for printing materials without borders.
  • It produces stain-resistant surfaces for easy transfer needs.


  • Epson Stylus C88+ cannot be used to produce larger items.
  • It may not produce efficient work with cheaper third-party ink cartridges.

Bottom Line

Among the best sublimation printers for beginners, you would find EPSON STYLUS printer models suitable for most expert quality prints. It works well if you require a model that features high-quality prints.

3. Brother MFC-J995DWBest Printer For Fabric Printing

Brother MFC-J995DW

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Another notable company that manufactures quality sublimation printers used for any printing task is the MFC-J995DW.

The automatic double-sided printing feature on this model gives you extra help over how your print items. It can also work with wireless connections. The 2.7-inch touch-screen panel makes room for easy control while helping to differentiate features by utilizing a full-color body.

You can also check the kind of material you are trying to print with the member feature on the printer, which adds a fully flexible design for printing work in moments.


  • Its wireless mobile printing form works with every major mobile device.
  • The paper tray can be adjusted to fit varying kinds of paper materials.
  • The automatic double printing feature controls the equipment you use.


  • The capacity gauge for the cartridge isn’t always accurate.
  • It is challenging to organize the cartridges.

Bottom Line

This model is also another that doesn’t just work with the intermediary material printing process. Still, it provides an answer when you ask for a printer that works fast to give you enough coverage.

4. DNP’s new DS – R×1HS DYE Sublimation Printer – Best in Photo Printing

DNP's new DS - R×1HS DYE Sublimation Printer

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The new DS is one device you can count on when you need to get a printing job in moments as it boosts print speed high up to 20%. Its speed ensures that you can produce about 290 4×6 prints per hour. Its body cost is quite affordable, the materials needed for print production are cost-effective, and it guarantees beautiful full-color prints in moments.

It features four lights on the printer’s left side, marked – Power, Ribbon, Paper, and Error. RX1HS makes use of the thermal dye printing technique that ensures excellent print quality. Unlike traditional printers that use individual paper sheets, this model features paper rolls placed on the printer’s spool for better printing performance.

It offers some good options in printing sizes because paper rolls are available in three different sizes prints – 2-by-6 prints, 4-by-6 prints, and 6-by-8 prints.

However, one of its downsides is that it lacks an LCD, which means that the printer would have to be controlled using a computer. Asides from that, this unit is an ideal choice for your business prints.


  • You can save time when you print.
  • The design is a durable and rugged one because of its high-speed output.


  • Absence LCD

Bottom Line

This model’s significant advantage is the possibility of getting tasks done in no time because of its speed, which boosts prints. It is also a reliable model as it has a rugged body that promises longevity.

5. The HiTi P525L – Budget-Friendly Dye Sublimation Printer

The HiTi P525L

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The HiTi P525L is an ideal product for photo stall display when on location for an event. It produces top-quality images and products that generate revenue for businesses and organizations. It could capture photos for special occasions, on-scene locations, fairs, and functions.

HiTi P525L provides excellent integration as it allows users to conveniently print photographs straight from their memory card through its USB-powered reader.

For added flexibility, users can also print stunning photographs directly from their android and IOS devices using the in-built NFC support, which the printer features or via WiFi.

This model brings everything that will make your printing convenient because it comes with a Prinbiz app compatible with IOS and Andriod operating systems.

There are very few printers that offer multiple language support, and this model is one of such few, featuring multiple-language for diverse users around the globe.


  • You can get your clear photograph at a fair price.
  • It prints out details within a short period of time.
  • It can print for all sizes with high quality.


  • The materials needed for printing is expensive.

Bottom Line

It’s advisable to get this design when you always have projects or tasks that would take you outdoors because its full efficiency and maximum performance are focused more on outdoor activities.

6. Canon Selphy CP1300 – Best Mobile Sublimation Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300

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Canon is a renowned name when we make mention quality cameras. Most people don’t know that they don’t just make only cameras; the company also has an unparalleled experience when it comes to the manufacturing of striking printers like The Selphy CP1300.

The Selphy has a feature that creates room for you to use a smartphone connection to print. It also features a USB connection on the printer. You can also connect the memory card in your camera to the printer if you need to print out something urgently.


  • The control device on the top area provides an uncomplicated structure for managing your task.
  • Selphy CP1300 works for many paper sizes, even postcard sizes.


  • The Instagram print’s features are not always aligned well on the printer.
  • Oftentimes, a newer phone is required for wireless printing needs.

Bottom Line

It’s quite a fantastic design to work with, as it features a control device on the top area that provides an uncomplicated structure for managing your print. This sublimation model concentrates majorly on creating top-quality photo prints with quality heat transfer equipment.

7. Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S – Best For Photo Booths

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S

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This printer’s mechanical structure is something to take note of when you’re searching for a model that is easy to set up. One fine quality of this printer is its firm body with a power-saving mode on standby to shut off the printer when it is not in use after switching it on.

The Mitsubishi is a model that features a rewind function that allows you to navigate the ink ribbon conveniently so that you can later use more of the ink for items that require remarkable detail. It works effectively for solid shapes and other materials. You can also create a decorative background finish on your sublimation prints while using the design.

The digital image processing feature works at about 300dpi. This design makes sure that the edge of your printout is smooth and streamlined.


  • The firm body of the printer works in a brief amount of time
  • It is capable of creating printouts in many sizes.
  • It can work out varying decorative finishes.


  • The printer may be a little overly technical for some users.
  • Some of the features on the printer have difficulty in setting up.

Bottom Line

The printer does an excellent job if you need to carry out technical and specific styles on your prints. Its remarkable features make it an intriguing model for your printing needs.

8. HP OfficeJet 9025 Best Multi-Function Printer

HP OfficeJet 9025

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Do you want to carry out your printing from a cloud network? Then HP OfficeJet is the model for your sublimation needs. With this model, you’ll have no problem loading a cloud document from your mobile device and forwarding it to your HP OfficeJet through a Wi-Fi link.

The printer is designed with a sturdy tray, which provides an efficient transfer medium for the surface, making your printing effortless and straightforward. This model features a Wi-Fi security setup, which ensures that all your document is protected from the reach of any other third party even has you make use of the Wi-Fi portal.

HP OfficeJet also allows you to implore the help of password protection, ensuring that the printer only permits certified projects. That’s not all; it also features a document feeder for a more pleasant experience as you go about your printing.  Unlike traditional models that consume a lot of time during scanning, OfficeJet offers a faster scanning speed. 


  • The double paper tray lets you fit in 500 basic sublimation sheets at a time.
  • It can read a color picture at a value of 8ipm.
  • There is an output tray sensor that is used to identify the specific kind of paper to print.


  • The display speed has a petite body.
  • The output tray can only handle 100 sheets at a time.

Bottom Line

This design supports a password protection feature that ensures your printer gets to support only certified projects. It carries out all your printing tasks efficiently.

9. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 – Best for T-Shirts Printing

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500

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If your preference for all the sublimation printers is one with a high resolution, this is the best choice to consider. This model produces outstanding photos of about 4800×1200dpi within 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Sawgrass has been the face behind most of the high-quality models used for printing.

The best part of this model is that it uses a dye sublimation process that allows you to apply ink onto many intermediary fabrics within a brief period. It could be used to get material ready to be used for an iron-on pattern. You should also note that the printers use thorough details while producing designs.


  • Its specific function is for dye sublimation printing.
  • It comes with an image editing software package.


  • The Ink is expensive

Bottom Line

This particular model will significantly help with many of your specific printing tasks, including scanning, copying, and faxing documents.

10. Epson Workforce WF-7210 Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer

Epson Workforce WF-7210

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One dominant facet that would interest you about this particular printer is that you have a sublimation printer that can manage an intermediate fabric of large mass. This printer has a paper tray that can utilize and manage varying cotton-based surfaces.

The printer also has features that allow you to create stunning shots that could be transferred with borderless bodies while summing up to 13×19 inches in size. It has an automatic double-sided scanner that takes in paper up to 11×17 inches making it relatively easy for most tasks.


  • It is compatible for use with all mobile operating systems.
  • The rear feed presents extra aid for unique paper surfaces.                   


  • The 2.2- inch interaction display is hard to use.
  • An added software may be required for the NFC to function correctly.      

Bottom Line

An added advantage of having this printer is that you can print directly through a tablet or smartphone. The Wi-Fi direct and internet function allows all the computers to stay connected with the WF-7210 printer.

11. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 Best Printer for Wide Printing

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

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You can get a larger image produced for big fabrics with the Epson expression printer. It produces prints without borders that could be up to 13*19 in size.

The 6-color ink feature works with several colors to create a continuous mix of designs that can add a bright style to your fabric when used well. The 2.4-inch LCD screen makes you manage the setup efficiently.

Unlike traditional printers that use several wires for connection, Epson is a conventional model that features a simple wireless printing technology to bolster performance and efficiency during printing.   


  • It can manage sheets or materials up to 23mm thick.
  • The printer’s body’s footprint is small.


  • If not properly handled, the ink screen can become dirty.

Bottom Line

It is a recommended top-quality model, as you have extra control over your experiences with the material due to the extra help you get with controlling the setups.

12. PC Universal Sublimation PrinterBest Print on Mugs Sublimation Printer

PC Universal Sublimation Printer

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When it comes to modern printers PC Universal is another highly rated model trusted for performance and speed. You’ll have no issues moving the ink on the surface of this printer.

This model is versatile because you can use several heat transfer sheets on this sublimation printer. With this model, you can be sure of quality designs on T-shirts and mugs due to its modern heat transfer technology.

As earlier mentioned, there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve with this model because it features a layout that blends well with other materials other than T-shirts and mugs.

The body is very durable, giving you more control during professional printing for business or personal uses.  


  • It produces sharp-quality images.
  • You can adjust the resolution in different forms.
  • You can use the pressure application in moments for ease.


  • The cartridge is difficult to clean.
  • It is a very technical design, and it requires extreme accuracy for use.

Bottom Line

The firm body ensures you have more control over your printing tasks and makes it easy for you to produce many designs, either for business or personal purposes.

13. Epson EcoTank Sublimation Printer – Best For Quality Printing

Epson EcoTank Sublimation Printer

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The eco Tank sublimation Printer comes with a 5760 x 1440 DPI print resolution that gives you nothing but the best prints of photos; this device can print on small items like keyrings and comes with an inbuilt scanner.

The printer works flawlessly on different substrates like phone covers, T-shirts, and mugs. The printer comes with a setup tutorial video, and a detailed color brochure for easy installation and set up. For best performance, we suggest using the printer with compatible software.

The EcoTank allows you to keep track of cost and comes with printing ink that can last for an average of three years. So you can be sure of saving up to 85% of the total amount you spend on ink.


  • Very portable
  • Affordable
  • Conserves printing ink
  • Simple design


  • Nil

Bottom Line

The printer comes with an engineered bottle that helps to minimize spillage. The model is designed to provide you with an easy solution for printing in large quantities.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Sublimation printer

How to Choose a Sublimation Printer?

The top of the reasons a sublimation printer is designed is to provide tremendous help when you want to print materials of value to you. An excellent way to figure out how well your printer could serve you and if it is worth the purchase is by studying how well the design could work with varying printing materials.

1. Access the printer structure

It’s either the printer can work with printing directly on the t-shirts, or it has to work with a transfer medium where you print your pattern of choice before transferring it to the t-shirts.

2. Observe the materials you would be working with

There are different types of materials required for printing. Some printers can’t handle varying fabrics, save cotton, and probably paper. It’s better to opt for a printer that works with all kinds of materials.

3. Learn how the cartridge works

You need a cartridge that doesn’t have the technicalities to handle the dye sublimation printing. Cartridges that work with an individual color are encouraged for your printing needs.

Factors to Note in Selecting the Best Sublimation Printer

1. What is the printer’s highest resolution?

For the printer to produce quality prints, it has to have the best resolution. The resolution determines how firm the image produced would be, and it’s measured in dots per inch.

2. How large is the printing medium?

It’s safer to work with a printer whose layout supports a large printing medium as a need to work with materials that are large in size might arise.

3. Does it have connection functions?

You should find out what connections your printer supports, either USB, wireless or cloud connectivity. Opt for functions that would help you manage your tasks easily.

4. Check on how well the printout works.

The type of printout you’re going to get out of your printer should also be noted for your convenience. The printout has to be planned well to where the content can look a little stronger and more professional in style.

How to Use Inkjet Printers For Dye Sublimation?

There are scenarios when access to fancy printers might be difficult but after following this guide on different inkjet printers you might be able to get a perfect substitute. Below are some of the steps to adhere to when it comes to using an inkjet printer for dye sublimation:

1. Work with proper colors that are meant for the printer.

2. Refill or replace the ink cartridges in the printer using the right dye sublimation cartridges. Ensure the cartridge you’re going for is compatible with your needs.

3. Ensure the cartridges you’re using are compatible with the printer head. Do this by running a test to ensure all is in good working condition.

4. Use different materials for this test, and ensure the material you’re going for can be handled properly.

Tips to Note When Using Dye Sublimation Printers

  • Before starting, ensure you’ve enough ink that will drive you from the start to the finish of your project. We recommend checking the ink level on each project.  

  • Make sure the material you intend to insert into the printer is durable and easy to work on.

  • Ensure the papers are well aligned.


Ans. All of the models we’ve highlighted are unique in their separate ways, with excellent performance and quality in sublimation. However, we always recommend that you go for a model that suits your basic needs and requirements. For instance, if you run a business that concentrates on t-shirt prints, Epson Workforce WF-7710 meets such needs.

Ans. It depends on your average use, has sublimation inks that can last up to six months or more. If the ink is not used, there is a high tendency to dry out, which could lead to color shifting or head clogs on printers.

When that becomes the issue, it becomes tedious to print anything with the printer. Sublimation ink often comes with a “use by” date. It’s recommended you exhaust the ink before that date because using the ink after the given timeline may harm the printer and, in some cases, leads to substantial damage.


No. Not all printers out there can be used for sublimation because there don’t support heat transfer or sublimation inks. So, only printers designed for sublimation can be used for such purposes.

Ans. Sublimation can be carried out on several materials, ranging from linens, polyesters, cotton, wool, and other fabrics. Asides from clothing lines you can also sublimate materials like fibreglass, mugs, plastic, and aluminium.

So, you can carry out prints on different materials provided you’re using a model that features versatility. 

Ans. Sublimation can be carried out successfully within 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll need a temperature of this range to produce quality designs.

Ans. You’ll have to add an extra layer to the top part of the material for vinyl printing. The ink will then solidify over the material to ensure full coverage.

On the other side of the fence, for Sublimation, the ink becomes a part of the material. Here, the ink submerges into the material and not on top of the fabric, and the pressure of the heat fuses the design on the shirt.

Ans. Sublimation can be carried out in different colors, which includes black except that the result may differ. Sublimation does not produce its own color, because it’s a dye-based process.

Ans. As mentioned earlier, sublimation can be done within 400 degrees Fahrenheit. But, it’s recommended that you run a sample test to see if your machine can handle rayon to avoid any damage.

Ans. Firstly, you’ll have to work with a temperature of 360-400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the dye sublimes into a gas. You may also require opaque ink during this process. Most importantly, you’ll have to use a high-tension mesh with a reasonable contact distance (1/16 inch) for excellent heat transfer on polyester fabrics or materials.

Ans. It can be done using a nail polish remover alongside acetone to strip off the ink. All you’ll need is to use a cotton ball dipped into the mixture and carefully clean off the design.

Editor’s Pick 

If you desire to attain ultimate high-resolution printouts or images, any of the above sublimation printers should be your go-to. However, from the review of listed sublimation printers that can be used for your printing chores, the Epson workforce WF-7710 is considered the most suitable for your printing. This is because of its ability to conserve power, unlike others, and it does not select printing fabrics or materials.


We’ve provided an in-depth review of the best sublimation printers worth your investment. Each of these models is highly vetted when it comes to performance, quality, and durability. Furthermore, these printers are affordable as you won’t have to pay with an arm before you can access quality prints for your business or personal use.

So, you don’t need to fret when picking a printer from the list we’ve highlighted. All products have been tested and trusted by millions of users worldwide. Happy buying!!!