7 Best Electric Pressure Washers In 2022

Getting your home cleaned off the right way is a must, but it is often hard to do that with just any brush or towel. You may need to get an electric pressure washer for the task at hand. The great news is that you can find an assortment of convenient electric pressure washes for the task at hand.


What Is An Electric Pressure Washer?

An electric pressure washer is a powerful type of cleaning unit that you can utilize for all your cleaning needs. It works like a traditional pressure washer, but the unit operates with a battery instead.

A pressure washer is utilized to produce a high-power water stream. The added pressure produced by the washer will create an intense blast that will clean off all the difficult surfaces around your property. You can use the washer to clean off mold, dirt, mud, paint chips, and many other items from around your property.

The washer works for many hard surfaces outside your home, including driveways, patios, sidewalks, decks, and roofs. You can even get a washer to work with a nozzle that covers a larger amount of surface.

The washer works mainly with water, although you might also find models that can handle detergent. Some detergent materials can work well for clearing out the materials, although the capability of the washer will vary based on what you utilize.

This guide includes seven of the best models you can choose from along with some added details on how to get the most out of your washing needs.

Top 3 Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews – Ultimate Comparison


Sun Joe SPX3000

Greenworks 1500 PSI Washer

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer


Sun Joe




15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 inches

6.77 x 14.96 x 10.9 inches

15 x 15 x 36 inches

Item Weight

31 pounds

15.72 pounds

27 pounds

Hose Length

20 Feet

20 Feet

25 Feet

Maximum Pressure

2030 Pound per Square Inch

1500 Pound per Square Inch

2150 Pound per Square Inch

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

7 Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Sun Joe SPX3000Best For Patio

Sun Joe SPX3000

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The front part of this Sun Joe pressure washer includes a port that you can link a garden hose up to. After you secure the unit, you will have a washer that is fully ready for use. The 2030 PSI washer produces 1.76 GPM. The water inlet temperature is also listed at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, thus producing enough warm water for keeping the washing task moving forward without a hitch.

You can use one of two 0.9L detergent tanks at the top. You can add one or two at a time and then use a knob at the front to trigger which of the tanks you will mix the water with at a time. Two separate detergent types can be incorporated into this setup for different cleaning needs.

You can use one of five helpful spray tips. These include tips from 0 to 40 degrees plus a soap nozzle. This all works with a 20-foot hose to help you reach many spots.


  • The trigger is easy to grip on
  • Can be used with larger brushing pads attached to the end
  • Easy to move the body around


  • You need to spray some water after turning off a tank so the remaining soap clears out
  • The hose holder is positioned in an unusual spot

2. Greenworks 1500 PSI Washer – User Friendly

Greenworks 1500 PSI Washer

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When working with compact materials, you can use this Greenworks pressure washer. This is a smaller choice that operates at 1500 PSI and can work with a 1.2 GPM setup. You can use this to get through some of the dirtiest surfaces around your property.

The design of this washer is convenient for how you can use it to get water out at a faster rate than what you might usually produce. The washer uses a handheld design that includes a firm grip and is easy to handle. The port at the front for a garden hose makes it easy for you to get the water out to your washer in moments.

You can use many additional attachments on this model, including ones that work for dispensing soap or others for extending the overall reach of the washer. Greenworks makes this washer a model that is easy to prepare and use for many intentions.


  • Can be carried around by hand
  • The long cable provides an extended amount of support
  • Easy to connect the unit to a water supply


  • Does not work well against mold
  • Only comes with 25 and 40-angle tips
  • The soap applicator is hard to prepare

3. Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer – Best Value For Money

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

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Stanley makes this washer a brilliant wheeled model that comes with a secure handle for all your basic washing needs. The unit works with not only a brass garden hose connector but also a 22mm connection for smaller ports.

Several attachments are included for all your basic washing needs. These include unique attachments for everything like a washer gun, a washer wand, a foam cannon, and a detergent tank. You can add detergent to your washing needs to make it easier for you to clean off all the surfaces you want to work with.

The 2150 PSI power on this Stanley model produces a stronger flow of water than what you might find through many other pressure washer models. The design ensures that you can quickly produce water for cleaning intentions.

The 35-foot cable also ensures power is supplied evenly without adding far too much extra weight to the washer. The design produces a more efficient setup for managing your washing demands.


  • The knob power switch makes it easy for you to seal and secure the water flow
  • Lightweight at around 26 pounds
  • Can handle 28 ounces of soap with a separate foam cannon included


  • The 25-foot hose might wear over time
  • The wheels can lock up at times

4. Powerhouse International Electric High Power Washer – Light Weight and Powerful Washer

Powerhouse International Electric High Power Washer

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The heavy-duty nature of this Powerhouse International washer makes for an attractive unit that is easy to utilize. The firm 3000 PSI power operates with 2.2 GPM. The motor is quiet and always stops when you release the spray gun trigger.

Instead of two wheels, the washer uses four caster wheels. The wheels provide extra support for moving the unit around. The model is also about 32 pounds in weight, thus keeping this from being too hard to shift or difficult to handle in any particular situation.

Several helpful accessories are included with this washer. You will get a spinning patio cleaner that uses a rotating brush, a bristle brush for sensitive surfaces, and a foam sprayer for detergent and other soapy materials.

You also have two separate nozzles on this model. The first is a turbo nozzle that works with high-pressure levels. The second uses an angle nozzle for getting around spots like underneath a car or other large appliance.


  • The color-coordinated connecting tips are easy to use
  • Stainless steel lances produce a firm design
  • The motor operates quietly


  • The accessory racks are organized in unusual spots
  • Touch to secure a water hose to the unit

5. PowRyte Elite 2400 PSI 2.0 GPM – Best For Cleaning Vehicles

PowRyte Elite 2400 PSI 2.0 GPM

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The 2400 PSI motor on this PowRyte motor offers a powerful design that is easy to utilize. The 2.0 GPM design has an induction motor that shuts off when you stop using the nozzle gun on the wand.

The extended 26-foot length of the hose gives you help for keeping the electric pressure washer working without struggles. The added 35-foot electric cord also does well for your power needs, although you have to look at the water outlet that you are utilizing for your needs too. The hose reel makes it easy for you to secure the item.

The motor is also light in weight and adds a brilliant design that is easy to handle and operate. You can get the motor to work in a few moments to help you with powering your washing needs without struggles. The best part is that the unit does not produce lots of vibrations either, thus giving you better control.


  • The extended cord makes it easier for you to apply water in moments
  • Easy to apply water with five nozzles
  • The motor responds fast to your motions


  • The unit is nearly 50 pounds in weight
  • The wheels are small for the unit’s size

6. Paxcess Electric Power Washer 2150 PSI – Best for Cleaning Homes/Buildings/Cars, Decks, Driveways, Patios

Paxcess Electric Power Washer 2150 PSI

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The last of the options to see is this Paxcess washer. The unit offers a 2150 PSI motor and support for 1.85 GPM. This is a powerful unit while still coming with a weight of about 22 pounds. The lightweight design ensures that the washer will keep the unit running in little time and without struggles in any form.

The nozzle offers an all-in-one body. You can adjust the nozzle head from its tip to produce one of many angle sprays for different pressure and speed demands. This all works with a 26-foot hose that is easy to support for many washing needs.

The safety lock switch on the end is an important feature. The lock ensures that the unit will not be triggered unless the switch is turned off. The design keeps the unit from being likely to go off on its own or being hard to secure in any situation.


  • The total stop setup in the motor keeps the washer from being hard to use
  • The unit handles cold and warm water alike
  • Compatible with all major soap types


  • The water hose outlet is hard to secure an item onto
  • The power cord feels rough at times

7. PowRyte Elite 2100 – Overall Best

Your first option to see is this useful PowRyte Elite 2100. This is a 2100 PSI unit that offers support for four spray tips. You can get these tips from 0 to 45 degrees to help you with managing the heavy-duty and light tasks that you want to take care of.

The 35-foot cord works well for getting the washer linked to a power source. A 20-foot hose is also added for reaching up to the second floor of a building.

A garden hose connector is included on the back part. You can secure the hose to the back, turn on the tap, and then get a consistent flow of water that will not run out. The pump works well for many needs, but that pump also stops when you let go of the trigger.

The motor is quiet and operates quickly. The design ensures that the unit helps you get the water that you need without hassles.


  • Easy to hold the nozzle
  • The nozzle does not shake around when you pull the trigger
  • Does not require soap or cleaner
  • Lightweight body


  • It may be hard to find a water source
  • Takes a bit of time for it to start up at the beginning

Features To Consider When Choosing An Electric Pressure Washer

You have to look at the following points when finding a pressure washer that works for you:

1. Pressure

The pressure in your pressure washer is a measure of pounds per square inch. The water that comes out is more powerful when you have added pressure.

2. GPM

The GPM or gallons per minute is a measure of how much water will be produced within a minute. A high-pressure unit should have a higher GPM.

3. Nozzle

The nozzle can come in many forms, including one that extends outward to cover a larger amount of space. You can also find some nozzles with different angle settings to target more surfaces around the spot that you are trying to clean off. Be sure the nozzle you choose is easy to work with and offers the coverage you demand.

A nozzle tip with a smaller angle produces the most intense cleaning. A 0-degree unit is for the largest blast possible, while a 15 or 25-degree tip works for lifting and stripping. A 40-degree one is for basic spraying. You can also use a soap nozzle for when you have detergent, although that nozzle produces a significantly lower stream that is not all that intense.

The length of the cable for the nozzle is key to notice as well. The nozzle cable should be long enough to where you can get the unit out in a spot.

4. Physical Size

The physical size should be considered based on three factors. First, you should look at how many gallons of water the washer can handle at a time.

Second, you should review how well you can tote the washer around for any task you wish to complete. The washer unit should have wheels to help you move the unit around.

Third, you have to look at the weight of the washer. A washer should be lightweight and easy to handle without struggles.

5. Pump Response

Be aware of how well the pump can respond to the trigger on the nozzle. The pump should be able to respond in a few moments. You can use a trigger to activate the water and to get it to shoot out as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the pump should stop if you let go of the trigger. This is a safety mechanism for ensuring there are no problems with getting the material to work as required.

6. Power Cord

Review how the power cord is laid out. The cord has to be long enough to where you can keep this to a power outlet without worrying about the unit running out of power.

7. Water Supply

Some models offer tanks that you can use for mixing water and soap together. Others use connectors that link the washer to a garden hose or other continuous water line outside your home. This is a useful feature, although you have to watch for how long the water hose is so you don’t run out of water after a while.

Types of Electric Pressure Washers

1. Cold Water

Most of the electric pressure washers you will find are cold water models. An electric unit will feature support for cold or room temperature water for ensuring it is easy to handle.

2. Hot Water

You may also find some electric models that work with heaters. A heater will help you with getting the water to become warm and stronger.

3. Standing

A standing unit uses some legs to keep the device in its place. This ensures that the water tank will stay in one spot and not be at risk of falling apart.

4. Mobile

Wheels are found on the bottom part of the mobile unit and should be easy to tote around. A handle is needed around the top part of the space as well.

Benefits of Using an Electric Pressure Washer

  • A washer will not require any fuel, thus ensuring you will not produce any emissions nor be at risk of running out of power.
  • The lightweight design of the washer makes it easy to grab and utilize.
  • You can get the water produced from various different angles. These include angles based on how intense the water might be.

Editor’s Pick

PowRyte Elite 2100 is our best pick among all electric pressure washers. The design offers a sturdy body that is easy to handle. The lightweight unit also comes with support for many spraying features. The cord features are also very long for many uses. You do not need any soap materials for using it either.


Each of these washers will do well for your cleaning needs, so take a look at what you can utilize. You will be surprised with how you can get a great pressure washer ready without being too hard to utilize

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