7 Best CB Radios in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

A CB radio is a necessity to have for when you’re out on the open road and you need to communicate with others. Your radio is vital for ensuring that you can connect to people on the road and interact with them quickly and without struggles. The great thing is that today you can find various CB radio options on today’s market for your use.

The extensive array of CB radio products you can find includes some appealing units that will suit all of your needs. But to see what is available, you have to look at how a CB radio works. This includes looking at all kinds of styles of CB radios, some of which come with more features than others. The things you will notice on CB radios are interesting and should be explored for how well they work and what you can get out of your radio demands.


A Quick Comparison of Top 3 Best CB Radio


Quansheng UV-R50

Uniden Bearcat CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio






7.32 x 4.45 x 3.7 inches

15 x 1.5 x 8.5 inches

9.25 x 7.25 x 2.25 inches

Item Weight

11.9 ounces

4.3 pounds

5.6 pounds

Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars

7 Best CB Radio Models on the Market

1. Quansheng UV-R50

Quansheng UV-R50

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The first of the choices to look at is this Quansheng handheld CB radio. This offers a dual-band setup that works with VHF, UHF, and FM radio signals. The user can adjust the bandwidth on the radio in moments to create a better connection all the way.

The 1600mAh battery allows the user to keep this working for hours at a time. The handheld design also ensures that the user can access more functions on the radio in moments. A speaker is included in the middle while a keypad provides the user with control over the band being used and other systems. The design ensures a simplified approach to handling sound while moving from one connection band to the next.


  • The audio works well without lots of chirping effects
  • A rugged body resists impacts
  • Clear display screen
  • Works with memory settings for many channels on different setups


  • Takes a while to scan for channels
  • Does not have a duration setting

2. Uniden Bearcat CB Radio

Uniden Bearcat CB Radio

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A staple in the CB radio world, the Bearcat is a single sideband USB/LSB radio. The unit does well with switching between frequencies. You can program individual frequencies for later use and also switch quickly between emergency channels as needed.

The microphone control feature improves how well the radio works. The control lets the user adjust the talkback and gain features for an improved setup. The unit can even work with a wireless microphone that can be plugged into the appropriate outlet for added control functionality.

You can also press a button to reach the NOAA weather channel in your area. This helps you stay in the know about any weather threats or concerns that might come your way.


  • Easy to switch between networks or ranges
  • The diagnostics on the display screen let you know how a radio connection is working
  • Offers a PA function for reaching people in a vehicle cabin


  • Not much of a variety of brands to choose from
  • Tough to install

3. Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio

Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio

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The design of this radio provides you with a simple single-band setting that helps you target specific signals in little time. The functionality included here provides you with extra help for targeting any place. The display screen also shows a full diagnostic that reviews channels and signal strengths in moments.

Individual microphones, RF gain, and delta tune controls are added to improve upon how you can find signals and connect with others. A channel scanning feature also scans all 40 channels to find transmissions and will automatically stop when such transmissions are found where you are.

The radio also identifies weather alerts in a local area and will automatically turn on when there is such an alert in your area. This setup helps you be aware of any weather issues in a spot.


  • Easy to handle all the controls
  • Produces a consistent amount of power for use
  • The antenna offers multiple calibration features for easy use


  • The resistors might wear out after a while
  • Some weather alerts may be from outside your area

4. Midland 75-785

Midland 75-785

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This handheld CB radio choice offers a strong 7W input and 4W output that helps to target more items in a space. This is important when you consider the small body of the device. The setup reviews the radio signals in a local area and targets all 40 channels in an area.

An automatic noise limiter is included to control noises. A squelch control setup is also included for improving upon how well certain signals may be found in space. The antenna on the top is also made with a solid design to create a better grip that fits well along the surface.


  • The simple squelch adjustment feature
  • The slim design offers an easy body to store for later
  • The antenna responds well to signals from all directions


  • Not many control features outside of the knobs on the top
  • Requires nine AA batteries for use, although a car adapter is included

5. President McKinley USA 40 Channel CB Radio

President McKinley USA 40 Channel CB Radio

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President McKinley radio works with AM and SSB bands alike. This comes with weather band support for identifying weather emergencies on an NOAA network. The buttons on the setup help you identify many channels for use and help you to switch from one brand to the next. The added emergency band set up on the radio also ensures you will keep in touch with people during even the most dangerous emergencies while on the road.

The knobs let you control not only the volume and frequency but also the gain on the radio. The gain helps you get a better grasp over the sounds in an area while also letting you control how intense or rough the sounds might be. You can use this feature to properly control how well a sound is produced.


  • A simple arrangement for use
  • Offers enough power for all 40 channels
  • The scan feature helps to find channels in moments


  • Tough to find preset channels
  • The mic connector is rough to use

6. Galaxy DX-949

Galaxy DX-949

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The older design of the Galaxy DX-949 makes it an attractive CB radio to use in any car. The two-digit display is paired with an analog needle readout for identifying power signals. The design uses a variable power output control, talkback circuit, and simple beep switch setup. The features on the radio provide you with extra help for managing all your control demands as you require them. This adds a striking approach for handling data that takes just a few moments for you to complete using.

The noise filter that Galaxy has designed works well for identifying many things in an area. The design keeps SSB signals amplified well to ensure sounds do not struggle.

Extra mic and RF gain controls work alongside a dimmer that can be pushed on or off as needed. The design allows for extra controls for managing content that comes through the setup.


  • Detailed controls offer a better approach for advanced users
  • The noise filter works well on most outside signals
  • Fast response to when you change from one frequency or channel to the next


  • Tough to count frequency points without a six-digit counter; this is sold separately
  • The microphone is small in size

7. AnyTone Smart 10 Meter Radio

AnyTone Smart 10 Meter Radio

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You can make this final option for a CB radio work for you in many forms. This works as a CB radio and as an OP1 grounded unit for extra control and functionality. You can use AM or FM modulation on the radio to target more areas in little time.

The knob control adds a simple approach to handling the radio. The knob lets you move from one frequency to the next in moments. The design ensures that you will get more out of your controls.


  • The simple interface makes it easy to adjust channels
  • Extensive frequency response
  • A strong built-in antenna works for miles


  • Takes a moment to switch between bands
  • Using many bands might be a challenge for newcomers to the CB field

Buyer’s Guide for Best CB Radios

Benefits of Investing In a High-Performance CB Radio

Getting a CB radio can be important for your needs as you are out on the road. There are many good things about getting a high-performance CB radio that deserves to be noticed:

  • The variety of channels available for use makes it easy for people to communicate with each other. You can find various types of people to chat with while on the road.
  • The CB radio allows you to get in touch with people in the event of an emergency on the road.
  • You don’t have to spend extra on a data network or other connection standards when using a CB radio. The CB network is free for all to use.

The Types of CB Radios You Need To Know

There are a few certain types of CB radios that you should look at:


An all-in-one CB radio uses a single microphone unit. You will use this with a small control screen on the top that lists information on the channel you are getting onto. This comes with a compact body, so you will have to make sure the design is controlled right.


A full-size radio includes the main control body with a microphone attached to it. The control design will be embedded onto a dashboard through a battery hookup. You may get more audio and channel controls on a full-size model than what you would get on an all-in-one unit.


A portable CB radio lets you take an all-in-one unit out from a power connection and take it with you anywhere you go. This works with a dedicated battery that you can recharge or replace as necessary.

The Parameters That Make the Most Powerful CB Radio

You have to look at a few points when finding a great CB radio that fits your demands:

  • Review the power source used on the CB radio. Some options work with batteries, but others require you to link the unit up to a battery in a vehicle.
  • See how the bands on the radio work. You may find single band models that work on one wavelength and can get better signals for individual channels. You may also see dual-band units that work on multiple networks and can reach a larger variety of channels.
  • A PA or public address function may be included in your radio. The setup helps you communicate with other people in the same vehicle if necessary.
  • Watch for how the speaker setup works on the radio. The speaker has to come with a good griping body with a button that lets you trigger the unit in moments.
  • The range on the CB radio is vital to its operation. Some radios have a range of up to 30 miles. The range will vary based on both the technical support from the radio and the conditions in the area the radio is working in.


What is the Channel 9 feature on CB radio about?

Channel 9 is the official emergency channel used on CB radios in the United States.

How much power can a CB radio work on?

A CB radio can only handle 5 watts of input power with 4 watts out. This is to keep the CB radio from interfering with anything else in an area.

Is an antenna needed for a CB radio?

An omnidirectional antenna is recommended, although an antenna that goes in one direction only may work if you are placing the radio in a cramped spot that might be hard to move around in.

Do you need a license for a CB radio?

You do not require a license in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Japan. You do need a license in the United Kingdom or New Zealand.

Editor’s Pick

Each of these CB radio options is attractive, but our pick for the best option you can use is the Cobra 29 LX 40 Channel CB Radio. The design has a good layout for it while being easy to use at home or in your car. The automatic weather warnings are a huge plus. The ability to control frequencies in moments and to target the best possible signals on a connection makes it a good model to see as well.


See how well a CB radio can work for you and that you see how well certain models work for the demands you have no matter where you wish to head out.

Be aware of how well radio works and how a signal is laid out accordingly. This is to give you more help with getting a better connection no matter where you go. You may be impressed with how well a radio connection can work for your demands while on the road or even when you’re at home.