10 Best Router Tables Reviews And Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A router is a necessity for many woodworking projects. You’ll need a router to help you in routing wood, plastic, and other hard materials. But you need to have a router table to assist you in the project.

A router table should be one that is easy to utilize. A table should have enough room for your project and your routing tool. You’ll find many options out there, including the ten best router tables you’re about to see.

The router tables you’ll find vary based on their layout and other critical features. A thorough review of these tables and what you should find out of an ideal model will be necessary for your woodworking success.


A Quick Comparison of Top 3 Best Router Table


Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

Skil RAS800 Router Table

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table With PRS3090 Caster




‎Kreg Enterprises, Inc.


‎22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches

‎25.25 x 9.5 x 15.75 inches

‎38.75 x 4 x 8 inches

Item Weight

‎30 Pounds

‎21.4 pounds

‎6.5 pounds

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

4.4 out of 5 stars

4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Router Table Reviews

1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – For All-Around Needs

Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

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Your first option to see for the best router table comes from Bosch. This model features a 27×18 aluminum top that is durable and allows for enough support for whatever wood or plastic you apply. The mounting plate features an aluminum body and is pre-drilled to support many routers.

The aluminum fence is tall enough to support multiple projects. The design uses many faceplates and feather board support features. The feather board compartment lets you apply the proper board necessary to apply pressure against whatever you’re using.

A dust collection port fits a 2-1/2 inch vacuum hose. The design takes in debris and keeps it from picking up around your workstation.

You can also use the Bosch table to control whatever router you wish to utilize. The table can store a six-foot power cord. You can also use a power cord lock feature on the bottom part to keep the cord from coming out while not in use. The safety feature prevents other people from trying to use your table.

Bosch promotes this table as one that can support various router models. These include routers from many of the world’s top brands.


  • Supports heavyweights
  • The vacuum collection feature works quickly and around the surface
  • The table reads router inserts well


  • Can be tough to mount larger items on the table
  • The table track is more for a feather board and not a miter fence

2. Skil RAS800 Router Table – For Woodwork Enthusiasts

Skil RAS800 Router Table

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Skil makes this next router table model for people who are interested in elaborate woodwork tasks. The design on this table features a 25×15 steel body. There are four tool-free clamps for helping you to secure the table wherever you see fit.

The feather boards on the fence help you guide the project through. The design produces enhanced accuracy.

A bit of height gauge appears on the table. The gauge lets you measure the router bits you’ll use. The design lets you plan ahead to produce a more accurate cut all around.

The starter pin and guard pieces both add extra help for cutting your items. You can use this to set up a secure spot for when you start cutting. You don’t even need to level anything on the table, as the router mounting system lets you switch between bits in moments.

The simple design of this Skil table makes it appropriate for many woodworking projects. You can get the table working in minutes to help you with some of the more elaborate cuts you wish to complete for your project.


  • Relatively universal and should work with a majority of standard-size router brands and models
  • Features a height adjustment for tabletop use
  • The router bits stay firm and in place during a project


  • It May does not work with trim routers and other small items
  • The blade may dig into the wood if not used well enough

3. Kreg PRS1045 Router Table With PRS3090 Caster – For Professional Projects

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table With PRS3090 Caster

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Sometimes you might need something dedicated for large-scale projects or for when you have a regular need for using a router. Kreg makes this table with a dedicated table design. It features a few casters on the bottom to help you move the table, but you can lock it in place. The steel stand is also adjustable for your height needs.

The anodized aluminum design on the table surface produces a smooth body that can handle various cutting projects. The guide fence also includes a small adjustable handle feature that works for self-squaring needs. You can move the cutting design to control how you’re going to handle a suitable cut.

The central area includes support for most bits and cutting items. It should not be tough to get the caster ready for use, although you will need to look at how well it functions for the best results.

The router plate opening offers room to support many router models. You can get the plate opening working in moments to produce more efficient results.


  • The router plate fits items well
  • The slotted channels give you room to affix accessories
  • Simple assembly and height adjustment features


  • Difficult to keep clean after a while
  • The adjustable paddle feels stiff and might cause the fence to become unaligned

4. Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table – A Necessity For Jointing Needs

Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table

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Sometimes you might need to produce a few wood joints when cutting a table. This Goplus router table provides room for all your wood joints. The fence helps you with securing joints by using a two-part guide system on the top. The flat aluminum design lets you slide the wood in its place to help you handle even the toughest cuts.

The 6-inch diameter base plate lets you fit many routers to the top. A miter gauge also appears on the top area to help you secure straight cuts that you know will work. The design also measures angles with ease.

You’ll also find an electric cord on the bottom part of the table. The cord links to a few ports for collecting items. You can use the dust ports to vacuum out whatever you produce in your work. A dual outlet switch lets you link the vacuum and your router together. The feature gives you a thorough power source.


  • Has enough room on the sides for storing and placing items
  • The protection cover offers a transparent body for easy visibility
  • About a foot high and suitable for use on most workbenches


  • The cutting area is small at 8×18
  • The miter gauge may be hard to read without a light

5. Grizzly Industrial T28048 Router Table – For Flexible Needs

Grizzly Industrial T28048 Router Table

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You’ll find it is easier for you to control your cutting needs with this Grizzly Industrial router table. The table features a hand-adjustable fence that lets you position the cutting angle and layout for whatever you wish to plan. The steel table includes an aluminum insert that works alongside the fence.

The dust ports on the bottom can support a shop vacuum for when you need to clean out dust. The side pockets feature canvas materials and include tool pouches for storing items, including router bits and plates.

The table comes with a ten-foot power cord for helping you to power up whatever you attach. A power switch is also on the bottom to prevent the table from starting up when you don’t want it to work.

The two-inch insert ring does well in stabilizing whatever you use. The ring handles many items without causing anything to slip.

The arrangement is designed for tabletop purposes, but it may be placed on a lower spot if you wish. The bottom parts include stoppers that will keep the router in its place. It will not shift even when the router tool starts vibrating and produces a deeper cut.


  • Supports most major router models
  • The feather board adjustment system is easy to control
  • The ring wrench insert is ergonomic and works for most control features


  • The adjustable plates are tough to control
  • You might have to drill mounting holes depending on what you use

6. Leegol Electric Tabletop Saw Powered Router Table – For Tall Items

Leegol Electric Tabletop Saw Powered Router Table

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Many routing needs entail working with tall wood or plastic items. This Leegol router table has two feather boards that let you link to the fence and table to support taller items. The aluminum fence is also about four inches high, so it should be easy to connect.

The 27×18 aluminum cutting area provides enough room for all those bit things you want to utilize. The design also accepts router bits up to 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Since most tall cutting items might be larger in diameter, the ability of the table to handle these items is a plus.

The dust port in the fence has an opening for a 2-1/2-inch hose. The body works with many vacuums, but it especially does well with shop vacuums.

You can also use the 1-1/2 HP motor on the bottom to help you in adjusting your cutting efforts. The motor can link to a router and works with an electronic speed control feature. By controlling the speed, it becomes easier for you to produce a closer cut that works fast.


  • Works with ¼ and ½ router bits
  • Includes an electric brake for stopping
  • The plastic guard provides a full view of the table while allowing for enough protection


  • May not work well for milling projects
  • The tabletop feels a little thin

7. Chicago Electric Benchtop Router Table – For Simple Setup

Chicago Electric Benchtop Router Table

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Sometimes you might need a table that won’t take long for you to prepare. This Chicago Electric router table uses a basic setup that includes a router. The 1-3/5 HP router that comes with the table fits under the main body and allows for enough power for routing many items.

The benchtop router features a guide tool that lets you control the setup. The design uses a firm fence with a safety tool that holds the wood or plastic in place. You can also gently move it along the routing tool to facilitate a cleaner routing effort.

The steel material around the cutting area and the table body provides a firm body. The arrangement is still lightweight at under thirty pounds. You shouldn’t have much trouble with getting the table ready and set up where you are. The thorough body is suitable for basic needs, or for those who want something that doesn’t take long to prepare.


  • The fence is sturdy enough to handle most items
  • You can remove the guides for larger items as necessary
  • The included router works well enough for most wood and plastic applications


  • It May take a bit for you to tighten some joints
  • It May not work well with feather boards

8. Kobalt Fixed Corded Table and Router – For Starter Use

Kobalt Fixed Corded Table and Router

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This Kobalt set may be best for those who are a little newer to the routing world. The array includes both the table and router alike.

The table features a casted aluminum body that looks basic at the start, but it features more detail than you might expect. The body comes with a 15×26 top for use.

The half-inch shank point comes with a collet that can handle smaller bits. The flexible arrangement lets you switch between parts for wider or smaller cutting use.

The guide rails on the table include a few spots that let you hold your wood and plastic and then move it along the routing tool. You can secure the item in place before moving everything. The fence feature lets you control the cutting effort and make it work in moments. You can also use the port on the bottom to secure a vacuum hose or other attachment for clearing out dust and other stuff that comes along your table.


  • Simple to install
  • Lightweight at under thirty pounds total
  • The router can continue working for hours on the end


  • It May be tough to use this on thicker wood bodies
  • It May become too warm and overheat while you use it

9. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table – For Compact Use

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

This second option from Kreg is a little smaller than the other one you saw on this list. The table features a 16×24 MDF top. The design is good enough for basic use, but the helpful part of the MDF body is that it lets you slide items in moments. The smooth body lets you move the wood well enough without it being caught up in anything.

The base router plate includes levelers that let you secure the connectors and other items for cutting use that you hold. The aluminum fence also focuses on guiding the wood items.

The fence incorporates several design features. It includes adjustable faces, a dust collection port that links to an optional vacuum hose, and cam clamps. The clamps are especially helpful, as they keep your cutting items in place without risking anything being lost in use.

The MDF top is useful for how it resists vibrations. The design also absorbs noise produced by the router, although it is still best to wear proper protection. The rubber feet on the bottom of the steel base can also reduce vibrations.


  • Works for most routers
  • The track features a wide enough opening for most uses
  • Can link to other similar tables if necessary


  • Does not have any easily visible guides
  • The top might crack if not handled well

10. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench Top Router Table – For a Cleaner Experience

XtremepowerUS Deluxe Bench Top Router Table

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Your last option to see for a router table is this model from XtremepowerUS. The table uses an aluminum top and a 34×13 area for your use. The most important part of the table is that it produces a clean approach to work that is easy to manage.

The table uses a grooved surface to keep dust from getting in the way. The grooves are easy to clean out after you finish working. The chips that come about when cutting can also fit in those grooves. You have the option to use a vacuum to clean these out as necessary.

The built-in scale lets you review what you’re using. The design also includes a full indexing layout that provides extra control over the wood you move. You can also push the fence outward to straighten board edges or to produce joints.

The master power switch appears at the front part of the router. The switch makes it easier for the router trigger to be accessed.

You can also use the six-inch base plate for routing needs. You can use this with any bit or router you have. The flexibility in this routing table makes it a useful choice.


  • You can hook up a router with clips and screws under the table
  • Easy to brush off
  • Light in weight


  • The gauge track doesn’t have many measurement options
  • May shake if the router is too powerful

What to Consider When Buying a Router Table

You’ll have to look well when finding a router table that fits your usage needs. There are a few points you can consider when finding a router table:

1. Physical Design

Most of the router tables you’ll find are benchtop models. These feature smaller bodies and are light in weight. You can move one of these tables in many spots. But in most cases, you’d have to affix the bench down to the workbench to ensure it won’t move.

The router table should not be too high to where you might have a tough time accessing the surface. Be sure you secure the table well and that you have room for it to work without anything possibly sliding off.

2. Work Surface

The work surface should be rectangular. It must also be large enough to handle whatever you’re using.

3. Mounting Plate

The mounting plate needs enough openings to support various routers. These include wide and tall models.

4. Fence

The fence will guide the wood or plastic you wish to hollow out. The fence should be tall enough to support your item. Anything you can adjust also helps.

5. Dust Collector

A port or other compartment should collect the dust you produce in your work. A vacuum hose may go in the bench, although sometimes a hole may be enough. You’d have to see that your table can support whatever vacuum hose or other features you wish to utilize when keeping your workplace clean.

6. Electric Cord Support

Since your router will use electric power, it helps to have a bench that can hold onto your electric cord. A router table may include a compartment for tool storage. The feature may include enough room for the electric cord. Be sure to open has room for however long your cord would be.

7. Compatibility

Not all router tables are capable of supporting every single router. You’ll have to see that your table can handle whatever router you use.

Every router brand has different model standards. An average table may support different models from brands like Craftsman, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Makita, and many others.

What Is a Router Table?

A router table is a table for use with a router tool. The router you use can cut through many wood and plastic materials, but it will require a table for stability. The router table provides a surface for cutting. The router will affix itself to the table. You’ll then allow the router to hollow out material through a hole within the surface.

A vertical fence will appear on an average table. The fence guides the router to control how deep the horizontal cut goes. Sometimes no fence will be utilized, as a router bit and ball bearing guide may be incorporated in a template that guides the router.

How the Table Is Arranged?

Most router tables are benchtop models. You can place one of these tables on top of a workbench and use it from there. You can also find some freestanding models that you can transport to different spots when you have the need.

Why Should You Have a Router Table?

A router table makes it easier for you to plan your woodworking projects. You’ll have more control over how the wood moves. The table surface makes the router and wood or plastic stable, thus helping you produce even the most challenging shapes.

You can free up your hands when using a router table. You’ll have more control over the shapes you produce. The design encourages a safer approach to handling the routing process.

What Can You Do With a Router Table?

Among the things you can do with your router table include the following:

  • Rout or hollow out firm wood or plastic items
  • Produce holes for doors and other items
  • Profile edges
  • Cut items into many templates
  • Create patterns in wood with various router bits
  • Collect dust from a cutting project

How to Use a Router Table?

The router table won’t be all that helpful if you don’t know how to use it right. Here’s a look at how you can use a router table:

1. Prepare yourself with the proper safety materials.

Although a router table is a safe item to use for routing, you should still wear the necessary safety items. Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Sturdy gloves are also necessary to avoid possible harm. Don’t forget to wear ear protection, as the routing tool may be loud.

2. Check how stable the table is first.

Look at how well the router table is working before you start. Make sure it is properly affixed and that it will not shift or move while in operation.

3. Figure out the router bit you will use on your table.

The router bit can come in many sizes, but the ¼ and ½ sizes are the most prominent.

4. Secure the bit on the collet.

The collet is the material that secures the bit in your router. Make sure the collect is secure inside the router for the best use.

5. Check on the plate and other items you’re using.

You must ensure the bit, plate, and other items are accurate and fit each other. You should do this before starting to ensure the design works well.

6. Fit the fence on the table.

The table fence should be fit based on how you’re going to complete the cutting effort. The fence doesn’t have to be perfectly parallel to the bit, but you should try if possible.

Avoid using a miter gauge alongside the fence. The miter gauge might harm the bench and fence.

7. Test the router by applying something else on your bench if possible.

A short test lets you see if what you’re using is working well.

8. Feed the item on the bench. Move the item from right to left.

Going from right to left is recommended in that a bit will go counter-clockwise every time. The wood should go in the opposite direction.

9. Check on how well the smaller cuts are going. Move on to larger cuts when you’re ready.

What Is the Difference Between a Router Table and a Spindle Moulder?

A router table and spindle moulder both work with the same principles in mind. But there are a few noticeable differences between the two:

  1. A router table uses cuts with smaller diameters than what a spindle moulder can support.
  2. A spindle moulder works for heavy-duty needs. It uses an induction motor instead of an outside router tool.
  3. A spindle moulder can also handle cuts in many angles and positions. The design is suitable for more extensive or elaborate cutting work.
  4. A router table does well for large-diameter cuts. It may be easier to handle wider bodies with a router table.
  5. A spindle moulder can produce smooth results thanks to how it uses a straighter path on average. The design produces a streamlined approach to work.
  6. You won’t need as much space with a router table as what you might require with a spindle moulder.

Editor’s Pick

Our recommendation for the best router table today is the Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181. The table has a firm body and a useful design that supports many routers and bits. The controls on this model are easy to use, as they let you adjust how the table is laid out and how you can make it work.


Having a router table can help you in many woodworking projects. You must ensure you use your table accordingly, and that you have a plan for how it will work for your cutting demands. An ideal router table is one that is easy to support and plan up, not to mention it won’t be a challenge to utilize for your next woodworking task.