Best Vacuum Sealer to Preserve Food in 2023

A vacuum sealer can make a world of difference when you look for something valuable for preserving your foods. But when finding the right type of vacuum sealer, you have to look around to see what choices can work for you.

The options you can find will help you to keep air out of your food bags, thus ensuring your foods will last longer. Keeping moisture and freezer burn out also helps, thus making it easier for you to keep your foods ready for many uses. You have to look around to see how well different types of sealers can work for your demands.

You have many choices to work with when finding the right sealer for your needs, but it is important to look around to see what is available for your use so you will have a model that is suitable for your needs.


Top 3 Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews – Ultimate Comparison


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2-in-1 System

Freshlocker VS90

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer






18.8 x 9.5 x 10.6 inches

9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches

6.07 x 14.18 x 3 inches

Item Weight

10 pounds

3.88 pounds

2.94 pounds

Special Features

Works With Great Support For Small Bags

A Simple One-Button Design

Works For Large and Small Items Alike

Best Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart

1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2-in-1 System – Works With Great Support For Small Bags

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2-in-1 System

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FoodSaver has long been a trustworthy name in the field of food preservation and vacuum sealers for years. This FoodSaver model offers a sturdy body that helps people quickly preserve their foods in moments. The design offers an airtight seal that uses heat to remove all the air inside a bag.

This unit works with two separate sealing features. This first works with a basic sealing setup that will remove the air inside a food storage bag. After that, the sealer uses a handheld material that can help you to vacuum up the air inside any smaller bag. You can use this with many other devices from FoodSaver, including a wine stopper or jar sealer.

This can work with many bags, including some that are made by FoodSaver itself. The design allows air to move out of space and can run well for most types of bags thanks to the slightly larger than usual size that the sealer comes with.


  • Works conveniently for hard and soft foods alike
  • The handheld feature adds a comfortable surface for removing air
  • The roll bag storage feature on the inside offers a comfortable surface for sealing


  • Works better if you use FoodSaver brand bags
  • The power cord is short in length

2. Freshlocker VS90 – A Simple One-Button Design

Freshlocker VS90

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The VS90 uses a basic one-button setup for handling your food sealant needs. To use this, you can press the buttons on the sides of the sealer to open the lid. After this, you will fill a bag and place an open part of the bag into a sealing strip. The 3mm-wide sealing strip ensures you will have enough room for placing the bag.

You will then lock the unit in place and press the button on the top to vacuum the air out of the bag and then create a heat seal on the surface. The material works well with getting the air in a space out and removed well enough, but the best part of this is that the design works without producing lots of heat outside of the bag itself. You would have to wait about 15 seconds between each sealing, but this should not be tough to manage.


  • Two lights clearly show when you are sealing or vacuuming items
  • Quick operation setup
  • 12-inch wide design lets you secure larger items in moments


  • You need to press the unit down with both palms for the best results
  • Not many control features

3. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer – Works For Large and Small Items Alike

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

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NutriChef produced this vacuum sealer as a model that offers a comfortable air sealing setup that ensures your foods will be secured in as little time as possible. You can particularly notice the control setup on the top part as this offers details on all the specific controls you can use at a time.

You can use this on any kitchen counter and continue to get quick results every time you use it. You can even use this with bags that are fully reusable. The model is flexible with many NutriChef-branded bags alongside many others that are used by various added companies.

The portable handheld sealer feature also makes this useful. You can use this when the main vacuum sealer unit is plugged in. you just have to plug in the portable feature while the main sealer body is open. You can then use this on a vacuum sealer-supported container. This lets you remove air from many containers, thus ensuring items you wish to store in such cylindrical containers will last for a while.


  • Includes a convenient carrying case
  • Easy to use the portable suction feature
  • The included wine stopper cork produces a better approach


  • The portable suction unit has a short cord
  • The small design does not handle much width in a bag

4. Kepeak Food Saver Vacuum Sealer – A Compact Choice

The Kepeak Food Saver is noted for being much smaller in size than other models. But what makes this particular sealer special is that the model features a simple design that uses an ABS material that is easy to clean off. You can use this for many foods and still have an easy time cleaning off the surface without much struggle.

You have the option to either vacuum or seal everything in one touch, but you can also use a seal-only feature. Either way, you can use the two lights on the design to see what functions are working at a time, thus reducing the risk of any possible confusion over how you are using this.

This can work well for many items, but it is also popular for being useful for non-food materials. You can use this to seal and vacuum any bag that features precious antiques or jewelry inside of it. This can also work on documents that you wish to preserve, including important legal documents that may be vital for your family.


  • Works well with bags that feature folded sides
  • FDA certified, thus meaning it will not produce any harmful compounds when working
  • One-button approach creates a simple design for use


  • You have to place the smooth surface of a bag on the sealer unit for this to work
  • The ventilation hole needs regular stirring

5. Geryon Vacuum Sealer – A Basic Organization For Use

Geryon Vacuum Sealer

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This sealer from Geryon is flexible enough for handling many types of bags. This can work with bags up to 12 inches in width. The unit works with a basic button design on the top that uses separate controls for sealing or for both vacuuming and sealing items. The stop button on the top also ensures you can get the foods that you want to have prepared secured and sealed in moments.

The stop feature lets you control the pressure that you want to apply to the bag. This is vital when you have very fragile items to secure and you want to ensure only the right amount of air moves into the bag.

This works well with many bags, but it does even better with storage bags made by Geryon. The company makes bags that can be sealed evenly with textures on both sides. The dual support offered ensures you will have an easier time with getting items sealed up in moments.


  • Quick and easy-to-use interface
  • The automatic setup ensures the sealer can work right as something is added to it
  • Does well for sous vide cooking needs


  • Do not use any specific settings for individual types of foods
  • The small body comes with a short cord, thus keeping it from being easy to position

6. VacMaster VP112S – Designed For Heavy Duty Needs

VacMaster VP112S

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Those who need a larger sealer can benefit from what the VacMaster VP112S has to offer. The VacMaster unit is a chamber model that uses several controls based on how intense the vacuum may be, how long it may take to seal items, and many other functions.

A marinating cycle is included in this sealer. The cycle operates by marinating meats and other foods as the unit moves between a state of vacuuming and a state of rest. By offering this, the unit will identify the vacuuming level inside of the chamber and adjust the pressure accordingly. This is a necessity when a person is looking to prepare certain foods without causing their moisture contents to become far too high.

The sealing functionality also does well with most bags. The unit works best with bags that are smooth in texture, although this can also work with some grooved bags. You can test many types of bags on this model to get an idea of how well it might work and if you need to put in some extra effort when getting the bags ready.


  • Works well for most foods
  • The in-depth control features work well for marinating
  • Effective for use with most types of sealer bags


  • It May cause some plastic materials to shrink too quickly
  • It May does not get hot enough in some cases

7. FoodKing Vacuum Sealer Chamber – A Versatile Chamber Choice

FoodKing Vacuum Sealer Chamber

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This next option is also a chamber-based unit that works with an intense motor for producing vacuum power that covers an entire surface. This works well with both plastic film bags and aluminum foil materials.

The display on the side of the unit lets you know when the sealer is working and how well it is managing different types of foods or items you wish to secure. The unit will read off a timer that helps you for identifying when you need to get certain items sealed off in as little time as needed.

You can use a one-button control to adjust the sealing temperature on this model as well. The convenient control feature ensures that anything you seal can be handled quickly and effortlessly.

It does not take much time for the unit to produce heat for sealing either. You can get the heater to start working in about two seconds on average.


  • You can use this on most solid materials
  • Do not cause the foods you are sealing to wear out or break apart
  • Works with an extensive variety of food storage bags


  • The vacuum pump requires regular oil lubrication
  • The readouts may be complicated for people to figure out

8. Gourmia GVS9945 – A Handheld Option For Most Needs

Gourmia GVS9945

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Sometimes you might need a handheld sealer for smaller bags or for when you are on the go. This Gourmia model will help you with any portable sealing intentions you might have. The GVS9945 uses a small design that fits with many compatible vacuum bags. You would insert the unit into the appropriate port on the bag and then use it to clear out the excess air inside of the bag.

After you press the button, the sealer will remove the air inside of the bag or container. The unit works in a matter of seconds to remove the air; you will immediately notice results when you watch how the product works.

This is made with sous vide cooking in mind, thus allowing you to produce an even layout for preparing the foods you wish to enjoy. The simple design makes it viable for you to handle many sealing needs that you wish to work on at any moment.


  • A simple handheld design is great for either hand
  • The small body makes this easy to secure in any spot
  • Works in a few moments


  • Must work with very specific bags and other items
  • Needs to be positioned accordingly for it to work

9. Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac – Ergonomic Sealing

Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac

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The interesting design of this Waring Pro model is useful as it allows anyone to get access to a simple unit for sealing and taking care of excess air in as little time as possible. The design of the sealer uses a simple body that adheres itself to many bags that you can use. The model works well for many types of bags from various brands.

The design is also battery-powered, thus ensuring you can carry it around anywhere without worrying about annoying wires. The layout works with about thirty full uses on each charge, thus ensuring the setup works in just a matter of moments.

The layout is also quiet in operation. This does not produce any difficult noises when being used, thus ensuring the model will keep on operating even when you have large items to work with for your sealing needs in any case.


  • Simple design for removing air
  • Compatible with bags from many groups
  • Easy to use body is suitable for either hand


  • Takes a bit to remove the air
  • May need more power for larger bags

10. Crenova VS100S – Ideal For Meat Packaging

Crenova VS100S

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Your last choice for the best vacuum sealer you can use is this Crenova model. This comes with not only a basic sealing bar and surface but also an accessory hose. The hose lets you work with a handheld suction unit for smaller bags, although this works best when you have larger bags. The design even does well with meats thanks to how it can handle damp foods.

In addition to basic seal and vacuum features, you also have a wet sealing option. This feature lets you seal in foods that are damp and have moisture. The pulsing motion of the sealer will read the moisture level in space and apply an alternating amount of air over a few seconds. By using this feature, you will keep the flavors of food while ensuring a proper vacuum is secured to keep the moisture from aging the food prematurely. This feature works mainly for meats, although practically any food that might be damp could be prepared through the model.


  • Works well for most types of foods
  • Easy to use the hose attachment
  • The basic interface provides more control without being complicated


  • The design may be too basic for some users
  • Requires extra time for use when working on meats

Buying Guide of Best Vacuum Sealer

How to Buy the Right Vacuum Sealer?

You have to look around well when finding a vacuum sealer that fits the needs you have. Various types of vacuum sealers are out there right now, but you have to find a model that is suitable and useful for your sealing demands for any situation you enter into.


Be aware of the general functionality of the vacuum sealer you wish to buy. The sealer should be made to where it can handle both sealing and vacuuming functions. You may find options that work with just one control at a time. The design of the sealer should be made to that it is easy for you to get something sealed off in moments without struggling to make it works.

One point for functionality to see involves how the vacuum sealer may work with a larger body. In particular, the sealer may come with a large chamber for more intensive sealing controls. In other cases, you might find a smaller portable unit that works with smaller bags and storage features in mind. Anything you can use for a vacuum sealer will need to be reviewed based on how well it can handle foods at any time and how you can carry it around with you and use it for many intentions.

Control Features

The control features that come with your vacuum sealer are important to note. You can find many sealers that come with controls like an adjustable vacuum feature. The buttons on the sealer will help you to control the unit quickly and effortlessly, thus producing a better seal every time you use it.

Heating Support

The heating bar is critical to the success of your vacuum sealer. The sealer needs to work with a good bar that can handle intense amounts of heat. Part of this includes ensuring that the sealer will generate enough heat to keep the bag sealed up all the way. The small bar that you place a bag on is important to note.

Bag Support

A vacuum sealer can handle many types of bags. These include bags that are wide enough to cover the entire heating bar without worrying about the bag being crumpled. This is useful for many functions, but it is important to see how well the bag is designed; a bag with a slim or smooth surface may be easier to work with.

Also, some sealers may work best with bags that are made by the same company that makes those sealers. This is due to those bags being designed to fit in with the standards that a sealer uses for getting items heated up accordingly. Be aware of how well one of these features may work when getting a bag ready for use.

Types of Vacuum Sealer Machines


There are three particular types of vacuum sealer machines you can find today. First, there is an external machine. This is the most common option in that it offers a smaller design and is made with a body that produces intense heat. The heat is generated onto a bag and will seal off a surface in moments. This works mainly with both vacuuming and sealing functions alike.


A chamber unit uses a much larger body and is typically reserved for commercial or heavy-duty purposes. The unit requires a person to place items in a bag and secure it inside the chamber. The intense setup within the sealer will remove air from inside of the bag in as little time as possible, thus ensuring the foods being handled are dried up well.


A handheld model focuses mainly on smaller bags, although it can work on some cans and other cylindrical bodies. A handheld sealer works as you would use a trigger-based material attached to a smaller compartment that supports vacuum power. You will use the sealer to remove air from inside a surface. This is appealing for use, but it is best for smaller applications. Also, the design of the handheld model can work alongside a basic external model provided that it is plugged in accordingly.

Also, the handheld model would work only in cases where you would have a proper air valve to work with. The air valve is the spot that the handheld sealer will plug into.


Do you have to use particular bags from the specific brand that the food sealer is made of?

You can use many resealable bags from different brands, although you might be better off using the bags from the specific brand that the sealer is from.

Do you need to use any extra ties or knots for securing your foods when using a sealer?

Your sealer will make all those ties and other items that you might use for sealing off bags from being necessary. The simple design of a sealer ensures that a bag will stay closed.

How much power is produced by a sealer?

A sealer can handle around 1500 watts of heat in many cases. This is a suitable amount of space for heating that is not too hard to use.

How long will it take for you to get the seal to cool off?

You can get the seal to cool off in about 10 to 20 seconds after the bag is sealed, although it might be best for you to wait for a minute before handling the bag after you vacuum and seal something. This is to ensure the surface has sealed up all the way.


Our choice for the best vacuum sealer that you can use is the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 Series 2-in-1 System. This model is suitable for a larger variety of foods. The added versatility is important as it works with both basic sealing needs and also with portable bags thanks to the attachment setup. The design also offers a simple and easy-to-follow control interface.

Regardless of what you choose, you should look at how well a vacuum sealer can work for your needs. Take a look at how well a good sealer can work for you so it becomes easier for you to get the most out of any sealing need that you might have for it. You have to use something that works with many types of bags and will be suitable for the certain foods you want to secure, especially if you have something damp to work with.

Be aware of how well a sealer works based on what makes it stand out and how effective the unit might be. This includes working with controls for handling the vacuum feature and for allowing air to move out in a matter of moments. The design of such a sealer can make a real difference when planned out correctly.

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