Easy steps to Pellet Stove Installation

The installation process involved in a pellet stove is pretty easy and can be done with simple steps; some of the steps involved are centered on some specific parts in the stove model:

  • Add a fireproof pad onto the floor of whatever spot you want to install your stove in.
  • Secure the vent pipe on your stove to a proper connection. The connection should come from a hole in the wall.
  • Ensure the vent pipe is linked up to your stove the right way. This includes ensuring the space for your stove is secure without the pipe possibly shaking around.
  • Add silicone caulk around the segment of the wall that the pipe for heating sticks out of. The caulk should create a good design for keeping the stove from leaking out.
  • Install the heat exchanger on the inside. The instructions will vary by model, so refer to your instruction manual for details.
  • Insert the burn pot in the stove. The burn pot should feature a steel body and enough vents to let the heat source access the pellets.
  • Set up the ash drawer on the inside. The drawer should appear around the bottom and should be easy to remove and close.
  • Secure the hopper and auger. The materials will appear on the side of the stove. The parts should be fully operational and allow you to feed the stove.
  • The proper wood pellets should be loaded in the appropriate space under the stove.
  • Secure the glass viewing screen in the front part of the stove and align the glass to keep the heat from being too intense. The glass also provides a good window into the heater.
  • Plugin the power cord on the stove.
  • Check on how well the stove can produce heat. The stove should have its heat moving through the proper vent.
  • Be sure to clear out the ash drawer after using the pellet stove. Don’t forget to check on the burn pot and other features on occasion.

Maintenance Tips for Pellet Stoves

Adhering to the following tips will help you maintain your pellet, increase durability, and minimize cost.

  • Keep the pellets you use secured in a dry space so they will not take in moisture.
  • Use a silicone-based material when cleaning off the glass material. The silicone will not be a fire hazard.
  • Clean out the ash pan on occasion to allow the stove to take in more burned materials.
  • Clean the burn pot where the pellets would be added. Any hardened bits of ash must be cleared out. A sturdy scraper may be required for getting some of those ash bits out.
  • Access the seals and hinges for the doors and other parts around the stove. Everything should be tight and secured well enough to keep the furnace from wearing.

Be sure to clean out your stove once or twice a week. You might need to clean it every other day if you plan on using your stove every day. 

Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Pellet Stove

Safety has been the golden rule to every game; it applies to the pellet stove as well. Adhering to the following tips will help ensure your safety.

  • The stove should be spotted in a well-ventilated space; this will help with control. You don’t want to deal with lots of smoke in one tight spot.
  • Maintain your stove on occasion to ensure it stays functional. Clear out the ashes and other bits of debris from the inside after each use. You can open the ash drawer on the bottom to clear it out.
  • Only use the pellets that the manufacturer recommends you use in your stove model. Using the wrong pellets can result in damage.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector near your stove. A CO detector helps you detect the condition of CO within the space of your room.