Best Digital Notepad/Notebook With Pen : Keep Your Notes Secure

We live in a world where technology has rapidly taken over; In the past, it was ideal to have a notepad or notebook which you can use to keep track of things by writing them down.

But in recent times, digital technology has made it even better; if you can have a digital notebook or notepad, it will provide you with extra flexibility and help you keep track of your schedules and everyday agendas.

The good news is, that a digital notepad or book doesn’t only help you with your daily writing needs but chips in the sense of flexibility, orderliness, and style.

This guide has provided an in-depth insight into some highly vetted digital notebooks or notepads that provide a simplified approach to help you handle your content effortlessly throughout the year.


Top 3 Best Digital Notepad in 2023


Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook



‎Boogie Board



‎8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches

‎0.63 x 8.31 x 13.35 inches

‎13 x 10 x 0.3 inches

Item Weight

‎8.6 ounces

‎11.4 ounces

‎1.04 pounds

Special Features

Comes With Reusable Pages

Electronic Notepad With Pen

Works With Paper and Pen

Best Digital Notepad Reviews

1. Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook – Comes With Reusable Pages

Rocketbook Wirebound Notebook

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One feature that makes this digital notebook stand out from our top picks is its reusable pages. The Rocket Wirebound Notebook is a model that is designed with 32 reusable pages, with each page having a dot grid pattern that helps you analyze your content on the surface.

You can easily write on this digital notebook with a pen on a page, which will take about 15 seconds for the content to display. Afterward, you can take a shot of the contents you’ve written using an app that is provided and save them on your phone.

Every time you take a shot, you’re guaranteed a clear image. If you want to reuse the pages, all you have to do is take a damp cloth to wipe off the contents on the pages, and you’re good to go!

Another interesting thing aside from the reusable pages that this model offers is that it features Indiegogo. This means that you can use any highlighter or pen on this model, with no exceptions.

What’s more? Each page on this digital notebook has a QR code on the corner. The Rocketbook app will identify the segments of the contents that need to be scanned before saving. This will help you secure all your content effortlessly within seconds.

The dark corners on this digital notebook help you distinguish pages, which extend to provide excellent scans.


  • Supports vast cloud-based content sharing systems
  • Reusable pages
  • Supports Indiegogo
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Ink doesn’t settle immediately
  • Needs frequent checks

Bottom Line

Rocketbond digital notepad is a brand that features flexibility and simplicity. The flexibility results from its reusable pages that you can use limitlessly. It makes use of Indiegogo and a QR scan to make your entire writing a blissful and effortless experience.

2. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet – Electronic Notepad With Pen

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

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Boogie Board is a brand that is renowned for quality when it comes to rewritable tablet materials. Their latest model is the Boogie Board LCD writing tablet, which features a 9.7-inch LCD screen and an excellent stylus pen.

This pen makes your writing easy; it helps you take notes in a matter of seconds. The pen has its compartment, which is located on the side of the tablet. This model features a mobile app for android and IOS users, which easily links the tablet to a wireless connection.

The wireless connection allows users to save content using a Bluetooth connection and also integrate the mobile app with Evernote and other email systems you may find useful.

The beauty of the mobile app is that it will help you save your content on your phone. That’s not all; it is designed with a battery that can last for days depending on the average use. When the battery is out, it can be charged via a USB connection.


  • It supports integration with different device
  • The pen is comfortable to handle
  • It has PDF support for sharing notes


  • Bluetooth connection takes sometime
  • Short-ranged Bluetooth connection

Bottom Line

This is a brand that brings speed, connectivity, and longevity to the frontline. It comes with a pen that helps users take notes in minutes.

The Bluetooth connection and integration allow you to connect to IOS and android devices. You can write for days with this digital notebook due to its reliable battery.

3. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook – Works With Paper and Pen

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook

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The Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad is another brand that stands out from its competitors owing to its design. It features a clean sheet of paper aligned on the tablet, which you use to write on the pad.

A Wacom ink app comes with this digital notebook that allows users to scan the contents on the Smartpad once they want the content saved.

With this Smartpad, you can convert contents into a different file formats like PNG, JPG, and PDF. It’s Bluetooth supported and allows connectivity to both IOS and android devices. Unlike other models that have fewer pages, this model is designed with 80 pages.

What’s more? The digital notebook comes with a pen that you can use to take down visible and rich notes in the text.


  • The pen is very easy to use
  • It supports Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Good battery life


  • Makes use of a paper
  • May not support all paper pads
  • The rich text conversion feature is limited

Bottom Line

Wacom Smartpad is a model that offers quality and excellent file formats. The stylus pen ensures that users take notes on the pad easily and share content when necessary.

With this model, you can save your content in different formats like PDF, PNG, RTF, and JPG. This is meant for you, and it is specially designed to suit your writing style.

4. Bee Times LCD Writing Pad – A Basic Choice

If you’re looking for a basic writing tool, the Bee Times LCD writing pad is ideal. Even though it does not support connectivity with other devices like IOS and android, it gives you an edge and makes your writing pretty easy.

One of the stunning features we love about this digital notepad is the fact that it features up to 100,000 pages; this is a feature that is rear compared to other models out there. With a number that large, you can use this digital notepad for years.

You can easily erase contents on the notepad with the one-click delete feature made available. This writing pad is travel-friendly due to its portability. You don’t need to worry about battery life because it is reliable and can stand the test of time.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Travel Friendly
  • Up to 100,000 pages for your writing needs


  • Not Bluetooth supported
  • The battery cannot be replaced
  • Supports only a green user interface

Bottom Line

Are you someone that doesn’t care much about connectivity, but needs a digital notepad that will take care of your basic writing needs? Then this notepad is all that you’ll need.

It has lots of writing pages and a very reliable battery life that you will find helpful over the years.

5. Royole Smart Writing Pad – Keep Your Notes Secure

Royole Smart Writing Pad

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In some digital notepads on the market, we’ve seen cases where contents disappear after some time, which can be very frustrating. Royale is a brand that helps to curb such challenges as this digital notepad ensures that your content is secured.

It has a Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect to android and IOS devices. The model features an app that you can use to save content to your phone. It supports various file formats such as JPG, RTF, PNG, and PDF, among others.

Unlike other notepads that only support the English language, this notepad supports many other languages. Royole Smartpad is designed with four virtual tools that can add virtual effect to writings that give a clear layout that is easy to read.

Royale Smartpad brings in a touch of style as it comes with 81 preset colors to add beauty to your writing. It features a ballpoint pen that you can use to write easily, and the ink of this pen can be refilled when exhausted.


  • It comes with a refillable ink pen
  • This model supports other languages
  • You can easily save and share contents


  • Text conversion is not always accurate
  • Its battery takes time to recharge

Bottom Line

If you love to store information for a long time and you need a digital notepad that will help you keep your content safe, this is the right choice to go for. Aside from the fact that this notepad ensures content security, it also brings style to your writing.

It supports various file formats [JPG, PNG, RTF, PDF] and different languages other than the general English language.

6. SolidTek ACECAD PenPaper Pad – Record Your Data Fast

SolidTek ACECAD PenPaper Pad

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This model’s design makes you like you’re writing with your normal paper and pen, but it’s much more than that. It features 50 sheets of paper attached to the pad alongside a pen that is used for writing.

What you write on this notepad is recorded through a magnetic setup. You can share content with android and IOS devices easily since it supports Bluetooth connectivity.

If you want to change the content to a different format, it wouldn’t be a problem if the notepad allows you to convert content to PDF or JPG files.

The battery life of this digital notepad is reliable and will serve you for a protracted time. It is designed with an Ink program that helps users easily move content from Microsoft Office to their Andriod and IOS devices.


  • It supports a Bluetooth connection
  • It saves battery life due to its sleep mode
  • Can change contents to PDF and JPG files


  • Needs extra pressure for readability
  • Takes time to get used to the paper

Bottom Line

SolidTek digital notepad helps you to record your content fast due to its magnetic setup. The notepad allows connectivity to other devices, making it easy to share content.

You’re provided with other file formats has it save contents such as JPG and PDF files. If all these features suit your writing need, then go for it blindly.

7. Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet – Made With Technical Needs In Mind

Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet

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Now, if you’re an artist, this is a model that will meet your needs. Huion drawing tablet focuses more on artistry and other professional needs. It makes use of a pen that features up to 8192 pressure points.

This means that the ink has vast effects to suit your writing style. It allows connectivity to laptops and android or IOS devices. It features 12 shortcut keys on the side, making it easy to use and understand.

You don’t need to worry about losing your content because it uses an in-built memory card to save all your writings.


  • Friendly user interface
  • Designed for professional artists
  • Allows connectivity to other devices


  • Designed mainly for artistry
  • Limited connectivity to some devices

Bottom Line

This is a digital drawing pad that is designed for artists. It allows connectivity to laptops, android, and IOS devices.

You don’t need to be a professional artist before using this drawing since it features a very friendly user interface that includes 12 shortcut keys.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Digital Notepad

Before you set out to purchase a digital notepad, some factors must be considered; this will help you make the most of your decision. But first of all, we need to know how the unit itself functions.

Screen size

The screen of any notepad is always measured in inches. We recommended a notepad that features a widescreen and provides more writing space for your content.

Screen Format

Now, another factor you will have to consider is the screen format of the digital notepad. It’s a good idea to go for a notepad that features an LCD screen. This is because there are always easier to view and react well to your pen’s pressure when you’re writing.


The pages are yet another factor of concern; this is where you’re going to write all your content. Some models feature reusable pages, while some come with a lot of writing sheets. You must consider the one that will suit your writing needs before making a choice.

Wireless connectivity

If you’re someone who doesn’t care much about sharing content with other devices, then you can ignore this feature.

But, if you would love to share your content with your laptops, IOS, and Android devices, it becomes crucial that you lookout for a model that offers connectivity like Bluetooth and USB support.

You may also want to consider a model that allows you to convert your content to other file formats like PNG, JPG, and PDF.

Battery Life

The Battery life of a notepad is also very important. Don’t you think it is frustrating to have a notepad that you need to recharge on minute bases?

We recommended you go for notepads with durable battery life. It is also an excellent idea to consider brands with USB support, as you can easily recharge them once the battery is exhausted.

Instead of going for a brand designed with in-built batteries, you can replace them when there get bad.


Q. How does a digital notepad work?

Ans. A digital notepad uses a basic operation mechanism by providing a space on the book or pad for you. In doing this, it makes use of a digital pen to write down your content.

It allows you to do more than just writing; it permits connectivity to other devices like your android and IOS devices to share and save content. The features which the notepad portrays depend on the model of your choice.

Q. Does some digital notepad use actual paper?

Ans. Yes, some models make use of sheets of paper attached to the tablet or notepad. There give you a natural feel as if you were writing with a pen and paper.

But the differences are seen in their connectivity options, as you can easily save and share your content with other devices, mostly Bluetooth supported.

Editor’s Pick

The Boogie Board tablet features are our top choice. It comes with a 9.7inch screen that features a friendly user interface. This digital tablet allows you to save and share your content to other devices like laptops, androids, and IOS due to the blue tooth.

The battery life is excellent as you can make use of this tablet for long hours, and once the battery is exhausted, you can easily recharge using the USB connection. So, if you want something to assist you with your writing, this tablet is an ideal choice.


You don’t need to fret when choosing from our top picks reviewed list we have provided. But if for some reason, you’re at the crossroads and want to make a different choice, we recommend the  Royole Smart Writing Pad.