10 Best Infrared Heaters For Your Home in 2023

An infrared heater uses a distinct body that produces heat in moments. Also known as a heat lamp, an infrared heater will use electromagnetic radiation to create heat in any environment. You can use this without generating lots of energy, not to mention the heater features a safe body.

You can find many infrared heater models for use in your home today. Every heater model is different in various ways. This guide will help you to find different heaters that are suitable for your needs, plus you’ll find that an infrared heater is more effective and beneficial for your home than what you might find in a standard electric heater. So, let’s find out the best-infrared heater for you and your family this winter.


Top 3 Infrared Heaters in 2023


Trustech Electric Space Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater

Air Choice Space Heater for Indoor Use



Dr Infrared Heater

Air Choice


9.1 x 6.7 x 17 inches

13 x 12.5 x 17 inches

18 x 16 x 25.4 Centimeters

Item Weight

5.52 pounds

19 pounds

1 kg 320 g

Special Features

A Simple Design

Simple Transport

Great For Many Rooms

A Closer Look At the Best Infrared Heaters

1. Trustech Electric Space Heater – A Simple Design

Trustech Electric Space Heater

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You won’t have to put in lots of effort to get this Trustech heater ready for your use. The Trustech heater works with three heating modes that you can switch between with a remote. You can use the 750 and c-watt options, plus an Eco mode.

The timer function allows you to set the heater in two ways. You can set the heater over how long it will work, or you can get it ready based on when you want it to start working in the daytime. The unit won’t produce any noise when it starts operating, so you’ll enjoy using it even when it turns on first thing in the morning.

A wire clip appears on the back end. The clip lets you keep the electric wire on the heater arranged well to that it won’t become loose when you store the heater anywhere.

The unit weighs about 15 pounds. It’s easy to transport the wire anywhere, thanks to how well the body operates.


  • Automatically shuts off if anyone tips it over
  • Shuts off if the temperature gets over 105 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You can lock the control panel through the remote


  • No handles for carrying
  • No real difference between the Eco mode and the 750-watt mode

2. Dr. Infrared Heater – Simple Transport

Dr. Infrared Heater

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The Dr. Infrared heater operates fast, and it is easy to move to different rooms. The small castor wheels on the bottom allow you to wheel the heater around in many places. You can also use a remote to adjust its settings.

The filter on the back part of the heater is easy to remove. The unit does not collect as much material as you might expect, thus producing a simple body for use.

The safety features on the heater include a tip-over shutoff feature and overheat protection to prevent possible harm.

A blower also appears on the inside to allow the heat to move out well. The seven-inch blower allows any residual heat on the inside to come out, thus improving how well the unit works. The feature won’t produce lots of noise either, thus making it suitable for the bedroom.


  • Features an internal thermostat at 50 to 86 degrees to identify overheating issues
  • The quartz heating tube works fast and doesn’t produce lots of residual heat nearby
  • The filter on the inside lasts throughout the life of the unit


  • At 24 pounds, it is much heavier than most other models
  • The vents need regular cleaning for operation

3. Air Choice Space Heater for Indoor Use – Great For Many Rooms

Air Choice Space Heater for Indoor Use

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The three heat settings that the Air Choice Space Heater uses work for various rooms. The 1500W setting is ideal for larger rooms, while the 1000W setup is for smaller areas. You can also use the Eco mode for individual parts of a room. You can switch between these three heating levels through the remote control or through the panel on the unit itself.

The quiet design of the heater provides a simple body. The unit identifies when it tilts and will shut off when it tips over. A child lock also prevents your kids or pets from accidentally starting it up.

The simple controller uses a few buttons to help you configure all of the settings. You can use this to adjust the temperature up and down or to set the timer. You can use the same temperature buttons on the remote to set the specific time that the unit will operate. The timer works for up to twelve hours at a time.


  • Starts heating in about three seconds after you turn it on
  • Uses a ceramic heating element for better efficiency
  • Features a switch on display between Fahrenheit and Celsius


  • Does not produce too much of a heating arc
  • Has a small electric cord

4. Life Smart Infrared Space Heater – Starts Up Fast

Life Smart Infrared Space Heater

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It doesn’t take long for the Life Smart heater to start working. You can get the space heater working in about three seconds after it starts up. There are six separate infrared quartz elements on the inside that produce heat right away without becoming too intense.

You can use the remote to adjust the heater setting on the unit to anything from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The outside temperature sensor identifies the conditions in the area and stops the unit when it reaches a certain threshold based on your setting.

Life Smart also makes the heater with a 12-hour timer. The unit also uses an overheat protection system and a tip-over shutoff system that senses when the setup has to stop working.

You can lock the control panel on the unit directly through the display. The lock prevents other people from triggering the heater, thus making it safe to use around children or pets.

The Eco mode feature will review the ambient temperature in the area and will shut off when the temperature reaches 68 degrees. The fan on the inside also works for about 90 seconds after the unit turns off to allow the residual heat inside the model to move outward, thus ensuring the original heater design will not wear out or become hard to utilize.


  • Weighs less than ten pounds
  • Does not feel overly warm when it is active
  • The digital display is easy to read


  • The electric cord is very short at six feet
  • The vent holes are rather small and hard to clean out

5. Laluztop Space Heater – For Smaller Needs

Laluztop Space Heater

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Sometimes you only need a small amount of heat in a room. The Laluztop Space Heater is ideal for bathrooms and other areas where you only need something compact. The heater works at 650 and 950 watts to heat up small spaces like an area near a bed. You can also use the 5W cool fan setting to produce a light amount of fresh air in your room.

A 90-degree auto-oscillating blower works on the inside. The unit allows the air to move out evenly around an area. The mechanism is also silent and will not bother you while you are asleep.

The tip-over protection and overheating protection features ensure the compact heater stays safe. The design is only about three pounds in weight, thus giving you something that works quickly and in many spots.

The power cable on the unit is also compact and hides well. The base will also keep the model intact without tipping over, although the tip-over protection feature is ideal to have.


  • The ceramic heating element gets the unit working in moments
  • The top control setup provides a simple approach for adjustments
  • The carrying handle is recessed and makes transporting easy


  • Not for entire rooms
  • Not for use in humid spots

6. Douhe Space Heater – Oscillating Power Spreads the Heat Around

Douhe Space Heater

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You can also use the Douhe Space Heater if you want a compact model for small areas. The 45-degree oscillation feature means that it will move 45 degrees both left and right from the base, thus producing a 90-degree range of coverage. The oscillating blower moves the infrared heat out in moments.

The ceramic heating element allows the warm air to start up in no time. You can get the heater working in about one second after you start it up.

There are three separate settings on the heater. You can use the basic high and low heat settings, or you can use a 5W natural wind setting that allows the blower to produce a light bit of air. You could use this model during the winter and summer seasons, thanks to the general functionality incorporated here.

The blower will work for about 20 seconds after you shut the heater off. The mechanism allows the unit to continue to emit warm air, thus keeping the residual heat on the inside from sticking inside after use.


  • Easy to configure
  • The unit does not feel overly warm to the touch when on
  • Includes both a tip-over protection feature and an overheating shutoff feature


  • No controls for specific temperatures
  • The vent holes are difficult to clean out

7. Air Choice Electric Fireplace Heater – A Classy Appearance

Not all infrared heaters have to look the same all around. You can use the Air Choice Electric Fireplace Heater if you’re looking for something with a classic look. The model features a traditional fireplace appearance. You can use a three-dimensional flame effect on the inside to create a natural look. You can adjust the intensity of the flames based on how they appear while the heater works.

The model is as functional as it is decorative. Air Choice makes this unit with 750 and 1500W settings while having the power to heat a room up to a thousand square feet in size.

The noise cancellation features around the body also prevent the blower and other parts from producing lots of noise. There are also overheating sensors on the inside with a shutoff feature included for good measure. The tip-over protection feature also ensures the unit will stop working if it tips over for any reason.


  • Weighs about 10 pounds
  • The vents that the warm air moves out of are evenly all around
  • Starts working about three seconds after you turn it on


  • The controls are hard to access depending on where you place the heater
  • The legs could scratch some floors if the unit moves around

8. Life Smart Portable Infrared Quartz Electric Space Heater – Gentle Without Being Bright

Life Smart Portable Infrared Quartz Electric Space Heater

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One concern that some people have surrounding infrared heaters entails how the bright lights produced by such heaters can be bothersome. Life Smart makes this heater with a body that won’t produce lots of annoying lights while in use. You can use the space heater in a bedroom and not be bothered by any intense lights coming out of it.

The design also allows you to enjoy a light amount of heat without being overly disruptive. You can use the 1200W high-power or 800W low-power setting, or you can use a 7W fan setting for cool air needs or for when you need to allow the air in your area to circulate well enough.

The blower on the inside gently moves air out, including after you shut the heater off. The heat moves out well to ensure the heater will not become overly hot after it stops working.


  • Comes with a simple rear handle for carrying needs
  • The LED display screen lets you know what’s happening on the inside
  • Can heat areas to 300 square feet in size


  • Can be very hot if you touch it in the wrong spot
  • Does not do well in humid areas

9. Comfort Zone 350/700 Watt Heater – Features a Classy Look

Comfort Zone 350/700 Watt Heater

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The distinct appearance of this Comfort Zone heater features a fireplace-like look. It has a style with a few bits of wood on the inside while producing a three-dimensional flame appearance. The fine look works alongside a vent on the top to move the warm air out. The layout produces a better style than what you’d find in most other heaters.

The fan-forced heat dispersion feature allows the air to move out fast. A three-position rotary switch ensures the heater moves air out to more places in your room. You can also work with two different heater settings that work based on how much warm air you need at a time.

The tip-over protection and overheating protection features are also valuable to note. These work well to keep the heater from producing too much energy, thus keeping the design from being too hard to use. The setup is also well-insulated, thus ensuring you will not harm yourself when trying to get the heater ready to work.


  • The three-dimensional light display isn’t overly bright
  • The stopper legs keep the unit in its place
  • Weighs a little over ten pounds


  • Does not let you adjust to specific temperature settings
  • The power cord on the back is too short

10. Flamemore Portable Electric Space Heater – Mobile and Useful

While this Flamemore portable space heater is about 23 pounds in weight, the wheels on the bottom make it easy for you to transport it anywhere in your home. The mobile design is useful, but the wheels will always stay in place when the unit is not being moved, thus ensuring it projects its warm air in more places.

A 12-hour timer appears on this heater. You can adjust the setup to anything from 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, thus ensuring you have more control over the temperature where you are.

The child lock feature protects the unit from being used in the wrong places. You can press the appropriate buttons for three seconds to lock the heater from use. You would then place those buttons again for another three seconds to unlock the unit.

The model also has a brilliant faux wood design that adds a touch of class to your room. The wood paneling also provides an insulated body that keeps the unit from losing its heat or otherwise feeling too warm as you touch it.


  • Comes with an Eco mode for lighter heating needs
  • The remote control allows the heater to respond quickly to your needs
  • Features quiet operation


  • Not suitable for use on uneven or sloped surfaces
  • The blower takes a bit to start working

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Infrared Heater

There are a few things to note when finding an infrared heater:

1. Review the control features.

Many infrared heaters operate with controls that let you adjust the intensity of the heat. Some models have remote controls.

2. Note the wattage range.

Most infrared heaters operate with a maximum wattage of 1500 watts, but you can also find ones that feature adjustable settings. These include models that operate at half that total. A lower-wattage model will not produce as much heat, but it may be ideal for smaller rooms or individual needs. A model that works with more watts at a time will use more energy, so be aware of this when finding a heater.

Some units also come with Eco settings. The Eco term varies by model, but this often refers to producing a smaller amount of heat in a brief bit of time. A sensor may also appear in your model to identify when the conditions are warm enough.

3. See if there’s a square footage rating.

A square footage rating refers to how much space the heater can warm up at a time. Not all heaters will come with such ratings, and these totals are general approximates.

4. Take a look at any safety features in your heater.

Heaters come with many safety features, including timers that can shut a model off after it is left idle for a while. Shutoff systems may also work when a model is tipped over or if the unit starts to overheat.

5. The physical layout should be easy to support in your room.

Your space heater should feature a physical body that is easy to maintain and carry around. Most models are small and easy to set up, although some units come with tripods or other anchors for quick setup.


What Is An Infrared Heater?

An infrared heater is an appliance that produces heat similar to what the sun generates. A heater will use electromagnetic radiation to transfer heat energy.

The heater produces infrared radiation that is invisible, but it creates a warm feeling. The unit can operate in a vacuum or a local atmosphere and requires no outside contact or medium other than a power source to get the model working.

A filament appears inside the heater to allow energy to build up. Tungsten wire is often incorporated, although carbon or iron alloys may also work. A ceramic heating element may also be incorporated to produce a more efficient heating effort.

The rays produced by an infrared heater will be absorbed by nearby items. The rays will cause the temperatures of the surroundings in your area to rise.

An air filter may also appear in the heater to ensure the warm air that comes out stays clear. Most heaters don’t require you to clean out the filter, although that can vary based on the model you utilize.

A blower may also appear in your heater. The blower works instead of a fan to allow any air inside the unit to move out, especially after you turn the heater off. You won’t experience as much noise off of a blower as what you’d get from a fan.

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What Is the Power Source?

An infrared heater uses electric power in most situations. You can use a standard plug to get it ready. Some models can be powered by natural gas or propane, but those are not as common and are made mainly for camping or outdoor use. Expect your infrared heater to come with an electric plug.

Is It a Space Heater?

You might hear people call an electric heater a space heater in some cases. An infrared heater is a type of space heater, as it uses electricity to emit heat directly onto sources. But an infrared heater will use less energy than most other space heater models. The savings is thanks to the infrared rays being much lighter in intensity than what you’d find elsewhere.

What Makes An Infrared Heater So Advantageous?

There are many positives of an infrared heater to note:

  • Such a heater will work instantly. The beam of heat generated by the heater makes it easier for the unit to work faster. The infrared model doesn’t work through convection.
  • An infrared heater doesn’t include any fans or other hard-to-use materials.
  • The infrared heat will not reduce the oxygen or humidity in your room, thus making for a healthy option.
  • The heater will not produce UV radiation. While the quality of the heat is similar to what you’d find from the sun’s rays, the infrared spectrum of radiation is harmless.
  • Most infrared heaters are small in size and easy to transport anywhere.
  • You only need to clean out the reflectors and vents on occasion to ensure your heater works. You don’t need to worry about moving parts or other items that might be challenging to maintain yourself.
  • Any air filters used inside a heater will be easy to access. The filter won’t be as likely to develop lots of debris and other items as what a traditional heating unit would produce or collect.

Are There Issues With an Infrared Heater?

There are a few concerns surrounding an infrared heater that you should look at:

  • Some heater models might be dangerous to touch. They can become overly warm on the surface. The issue can be a concern for homes with children or pets.
  • The heat only goes in one direction, so not all people in a room will enjoy how well a heater feels.
  • The heater stops producing heat right after you turn it off. The room’s heat will be lost in moments due to this concern.

The good news is that many of today’s newer infrared heater models work to ensure these issues won’t be intense. Still, you have to look at how well your model of interest works for you.

Infrared Heating vs. Electric Heating

An infrared heater is different from a traditional electric heater in many ways:

1. The Functionality

An infrared heater produces light below a visible spectrum to create heat similar to what the sun produces. An electric heater uses a heating element and resistance to generate heat.

Both heater models do contain some form of metal that helps to conduct the heat. The amount that the infrared heater contains is significantly lower than what you’ll find from a traditional electric model.

2. Adjustability

It is easier to adjust the heat setting on an infrared model. You only have to control the wattage total. The layout is different from an electric heater whose signals may be inconsistent. Other heaters will incorporate a digital setup that lets you adjust the unit to one temperature setting, although the way how you can control your model will vary based on what you choose.

3. Maintenance

Electric heaters have coils, fans, and other mechanical parts that move and require extra care on occasion. An infrared unit doesn’t have all those features, thus producing a body that is much easier to adjust. A blower would be easier to use, while a filter on the inside of an infrared model would not build up as much debris as what an electric model can create via regular operation.

4. General Feeling

The feeling of infrared heat is easier on the body than what an electric heater produces. Infrared heat penetrates the body a little more efficiently without causing the body to feel dry. An electric heater can produce heat intense enough to reduce the humidity and oxygen in a room, thus making the warmth a little too uncomfortable.

5. Value

You won’t use as much energy with an infrared heater as what an electric model would produce. The objects that an infrared heater warms will retain the heat over time, thus making the heater more effective even when it is not on. The infrared model won’t have to be as active.

Important Infrared Heater Safety Tips

You’ll need to be cautious when using your infrared heater. Here are a few safety tips you can utilize:

  1. Keep your heater about two feet away from other items to ensure the heat radiates well, and also to prevent possible burns.
  2. Be sure to use a timer setup if possible. A timer will shut the heater off after the time runs out.
  3. Keep the heater on level ground. Don’t place it anywhere where it might tip over or tilt. The heater may not produce warm air as well if it’s on an uneven area, not to mention it might become unstable in layout.
  4. Do not place any coverings over the heater. The unit will not be as effective, not to mention the covering more wear out or become damaged.
  5. Avoid using your heater in a humid area. You would be better off using a separate heater dedicated to a bathroom or other place in your home that might become rather humid.

Editor’s Pick

Our recommendation for an infrared heater for your home is the Trustech Electric Space Heater. The design features a convenient layout that is easy to adjust, while the model also works in moments. The versatile settings also let you produce a small or large amount of warm air, depending on what you prefer. The general functionality of the heater ensures you’ll keep enough warm air in your home without worrying about anything feeling stuffy or harsh all around.


An infrared heater will provide plenty of warm air that keeps your property comfortable. You can use an infrared heater to produce air without generating lots of energy. The versatility of such a heater also makes it easier for you to get your room to feel comfortable.

You will have to take note of how your infrared heater works if you want something comfortable and easy to incorporate in your home. A heater should be noted based on how easy it is for you to adjust the unit, how much heat it can produce, and how safe the model is. You’ll find many great choices for your home, so make sure you look around to see what works.