Echo vs. Stihl : A Chainsaw Comparison

You’ll need a quality chainsaw for many yard care tasks at your property. The great news is that there are many quality options for you to use from Echo and Stihl. But you’ll have to look well at how you can find an effective model for your needs.

Echo and Stihl produce some of the best chainsaw models on the market. But, you should look at how the two companies differ based on what these entities can do for your cutting needs.


Handling the Chainsaw

The ability of the user to hold a chainsaw safely and under control is critical to its success. Echo makes models with helpful two-hand designs while using a guard near the top to protect the user. Stihl has a two-hand design as well, but with a slightly more open rear handle feature for handling the trigger.

Power Source

Echo uses two-stroke motors in each of its chainsaws. The motor design comes in varying sizes from 25 to 80 cc. You can find a choice that fits your needs based on how much power you require for your cutting task.

Stihl also has various two-stroke motors, but there are also electric and battery-powered models. Those options that don’t require fuel might be easier to use if you have a smaller yard or other small things that require cutting.

Starting the Chainsaw

The starting process will vary by model. Echo’s models use traditional fuel to help you get things running smoothly. The pull handle on a chainsaw provides a smooth approach to starting the model. The trigger button needed for activating the start function is also easy to access.

Stihl uses a similar method for starting its gas-powered models. The electric and battery-powered chainsaws require a two-step process that includes a safety button that must also be pressed when activating the chainsaw. The mechanism prevents the chainsaw from starting up without your support. You’ll need this if you’re going to be in a sensitive environment where it might be difficult for you to get your chainsaw ready for use.

Vibration Controls

Echo chainsaws do not feature anti-vibration handles. This makes it harder for a user to keep a good grip on a chainsaw. But, Stihl has such handles to make it easier for the user to manage something.

Guide Bar Length

Echo makes chainsaws with guide bar lengths from 12 to 36 inches. Stihl’s models go from 10 to 60 inches.

The larger chainsaws are for commercial and forestry purposes and not necessarily for home use. Having a variety of guide bar options to choose from through each brand does help though.


Stihl’s chainsaw models are traditionally pre-assembled, thus simplifying how well you can use your setup. Echo’s units are not pre-assembled, so you’d have to get everything ready yourself. The good news is that both of these brands require extra time for fueling or charging before you can start using them, so you can safely assemble something ahead of time.

Noise Levels

The amount of noise produced by these chainsaws will vary based on how powerful they are. Many models will produce 100 decibels or more sound. The larger units that require more energy will generate more sound on average.

How Long Do They Last?

You can get a chainsaw from Echo that can last for years. Echo models are designed with varying metal housings that will last longer.

The lifespan of Stihl models varies based on what you’re using. A gas-powered Stihl chainsaw will last longer than an electric unit.

Cutting Different Types of Materials

The things that you can get cut through an Echo or Stihl chainsaw deserve noting. Both models can cut through a versatile variety of items, but the Echo seems to be more of an all-around brand. Echo’s models tend to go through more materials on average. Stihl works well for thicker items, while it might be difficult to cut through small items without being easy to support.

Managing the Blades

The cutting teeth and other features around your chainsaw should be noted well. But there might be times when the blades have to be replaced. Most of the Echo chainsaws on the market come with replaceable blades, but some of them might require professional maintenance to ensure they stay functional.

Stihl provides professional service at various retailers as well. But many of the blades and cutting teeth that Stihl uses cannot be replaced as easily as you wish. Be aware of these points when finding something for your work needs.

What Is Best?

There is no truly correct answer over whether an Echo chainsaw or a Stihl chainsaw is better for your use. The two companies both produce effective and useful chainsaws that can work fast and trim many things in moments. But you’ll have to look at your needs for cutting depending on what is suitable for your work needs. You can find various choices, but it is essential to see that what you have stands out well and adds a good touch to your work needs.

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